15 Signs You’re Actually F*cking A Complete F*ckboy

I enjoy talking about fuckboys because there are still so many women who can’t (or refuse to) see the red flags; therefore, I try to do my duty as a woman and share the lessons I’ve learned so that we’re not all out here going through the same shit. We’ve been losing 100-zip since damn near the beginning of time in relationships. It’s time for women to finally sit down and learn the game. Unfortunately, every woman will encounter at least one trash man in her life. Luckily, they tend to be a blessing in disguise because they teach you things about yourself and help you become the woman you have to be for a better man. But let’s be clear: every man who doesn’t want you back is not a fuckboy. Sometimes, he’s just not that into you.

If you don’t know where you stand with the guy you’re having sex with, that’s the first red flag but…

Here are 15 other signs you’re fucking a complete fuckboy:

His house/room is always dirty.

First of all, if he’s out of college and doesn’t live in NYC, you should definitely not be fucking a man who still only has a room to his name – especially one who doesn’t at least clean it for you. I have male friends who literally only clean up when their boo or gf is on the way. I know they’re dirty as hell because they’re not trying to impress me but she doesn’t know because they’re always trying to impress her.

He doesn’t kiss you during sex.

I’m not a huge fan of kissing but sex is intimate so you tend to do intimate things before, during and after when you really like the person. If he doesn’t kiss you during sex but he’s telling you he “wants to see where it goes” between you two, you’re fucking a fuckboy. Abort mission.

Actually, you’ve never even been to his house.

If he’s always trying to come to your place then you got a problem, sis. There’s a reason he doesn’t want you in his space.

He doesn’t go down on you.

Every man gives head. I don’t care what they tweet about. EVERY MAN EATS THE BOX. But there’s a catch – a lot of them reserve it for someone special. If he’s not eating yours but he’s having sex with you, that’s one sign it’s just sex. 

Yet he wants you to go down on him.

You better not be out here sucking a man who refuses to suck on you! If he always wants you to give him head but always has an excuse about why he can’t return the favor, you’re fucking a fuckboy.

He doesn’t cuddle with you afterwards.

Granted, I don’t like all that cuddling stuff after sex either. However, sometimes I’ll get in my mood where I want to be held until I fall asleep. Whether I want to or not, I should have that option. If he’s made it even semi-clear that you don’t have that option, pick up your panties and never return.

He’s not a pleaser.

I just told someone the other day that there are enough mediocre things in the world – sex and love should not be one of them. If he doesn’t make sure you enjoyed the sex as much as he did, you fucked a fuckboy. A selfish one at that.

He doesn’t call you.

If he’s more than just your friend with benefits, he’s going to want to know what his baby girl is up to. If he only calls you to ask where to park or to tell you how to get up to his place, you’re fucking a fuckboy.

He doesn’t take you out.

Ladies, ladies, ladies. If you are having sex with a man who has never even taken you out, this one might be on you. I’m sorry, I know we like to blame men but you knew you were fucking a fuckboy when you clicked on this post.

His sex is regular.

By regular, I mean he’s not even that freaky with you. A man who likes you is trying to rock your world, especially if it’s not the first time you guys have had sex. He’s willing to try whatever you like, which goes back to being a pleaser. If the sex is never good enough to bring up in the group chat, you’re probably fucking a fuckboy.

He doesn’t clean you off when he’s done.

Do you know how rude it is to cum on someone then point THEM to the towels? Ladies, I am so mad at you if you ever got up to look for towel to clean off HIS cum! Any decent man is going to wipe you off without you asking.

He never changes his sheets.

First of all, that’s gross. Second, he doesn’t care if you think it’s gross and that’s the problem.

He treats you less than a FWB.

Friends with benefits are still FRIENDS. Friends respect each other and care about one another to some degree. If he’s disrespectful and/or doesn’t care about other shit that’s going on in your life, he needs to be blocked by the time you stop reading this.

You can’t call him when you need something.

This is most important! If you don’t take anything else from this post, please remember this. If I can’t call you when my tire is flat, I need a few dollars, I’m locked out of my house, I need advice, etc. then there is no way in hell that I could ever have sex with you again. If he responds, “damn, that’s crazy” when you tell him something happened and you need him then you’re fucking a fuckboy. Again, even friends with benefits care about each other to a certain degree.

You feel like he’s bullshitting you.

At the end of the day, you know deep down in your heart what it really is. No matter how many lies you tell yourself to make it feel better, if it feels wrong then it is wrong. If it feels like bullshit that’s because it is.

Thanks for reading!

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    Keara Douglas
    March 19, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    I love this! Much needed!

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    Tatiana Carrera
    July 9, 2017 at 12:05 am

    Brilliant writing with stellar, on-point yet direct & very candid advice. Love it!!!! Thks!. We need to email-chat. July 31st is Nat’l Orgasm Day. Why are women still faking it? Check out my website

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