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20 Things To Absolutely Avoid In Your 20s

Your 20s are for setting goals, leaving toxic relationships, and discovering the person you really are. But in order to do those things, there’s a bunch of sh*t that you should probably avoid. Things that make you feel sh*tty about yourself; things that distract you from your purpose; things that leave you broke or uncertain are things that you should dodge at all costs. Because the choices you make in your 20s could easily determine the rest of your life,

Here’s 20 things to avoid until you’re 30:

Toxic people

Toxic people can only put you in toxic situations. They cannot contribute to your growth, inspire, encourage, or motivate you. They can only bring you misery because they’re miserable.

Hurt people

You know how it goes: hurt people always end up hurting people. If they’re not making an effort to heal, avoid them at all costs or it’ll cost you.

Bad ideas

Don’t waste your 20s on bad ideas. You have plenty of time to come up with a better one. Don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board.

People who don’t get it

Don’t waste your 20s on people who are committed to misunderstanding you and/or what you stand for.

Cheap clothes

Buying cheap clothes is expensive because every month you’ll need a new pair. Invest in your wardrobe.

Small-minded people

Don’t let the people in the box discourage you from stepping out of it.

Men who are too old for you

There’s no exact age. Only you know what’s too old for YOU. Don’t waste your 20s being an unmarried, trophy housewife. Even if he buys you nice things, it’s not worth it.

Minimum wage

Honestly, you’re better off investing more time into your side hustle. You’re an adult with adult bills, it’s time to stop working harder and start working smarter.

Family and friends who don’t support you

It easy to lose focus when the people closest to you don’t support you in your endeavors. Find a tribe and stay close.

Jobs that drain you

You have the rest of your life to do things you HAVE to do. Use your 20s to experiment with the things you LIKE to do. If your job is draining you, quit.


Avoid people who complain without changing anything. Eventually they’ll convince you that things can’t get better for you either. You don’t need to hear that sh*t in your 20s.

People who don’t care about their appearance

Because they obviously don’t care much about life.


Part of growing up is learning different ways to communicate with different people. Spend your 20s learning how to communicate! Everyone who comes into your life in your 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. will thank you.

Expensive cars

I wish someone would have told me to buy a simple car in my 20s. Between premium gas and BMW maintenance, I could’ve saved a lot of money. Isn’t that what your 20s are about? You have the rest of your life to flex.

Lazy people

If you’re doing them right, your 20s will be when you work the hardest. Stay away from lazy people who don’t help you build.

Pregnancy scares

If it’s a scare then it probably wasn’t planned. I haven’t met one 20-something who can afford an unplanned pregnancy.

Dating apps

Don’t complain about your love life if all of your prospects came from an app. Get out of the house and meet real people with real common interests.

Cheap liquor

Cheap liquor are for college students whose bodies can still tackle hangovers. Treat yo’ self to the good sh*t or choose a cheap wine instead.

Leggings and UGG boots

We’re adults now. Unless you’re headed to a d*ck appointment, put on a real outfit.

Anything that doesn’t make you feel like yourself

If you can’t have it and still be true to yourself, avoid it at all costs. Above all, you cannot afford to lose sight of who you are before 30.

Thanks for reading.

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