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July 2014


Men Know How To Love, Women Don’t

So I’ve come to the conclusion that men don’t know anything except how to love and women know everything EXCEPT how to love, or so we think of course. Funny how life works because when you ask someone how…


Are You Detoxing or Botoxing?

Ok so for this post I wanted to get away from shit that’s only on the surface: music of the week, CLOTHESure, Intermissions, etc. According to the feedback I’ve been getting y’all really take time out to read what…


Bae is short for ‘No One Loves Me’

Oh, you aint know that’s what he told his niggas? You not in a relationship so what else would it mean?  The girl version is: “bitchhhhh, he just something to do. Im not worried about that nigga.” Then he…


Your box too box-y.

We all know what a cardboard box is. Just some regular shit that we throw to the side when we’re done using it for the random shit in our rooms. Some people have their shoes in there cause they…

Quick Reads

Life in a pile.

It was this one person in my life that was always sad and I would always give ’em advice. For some reason, this one piece of advice sticks out in my mind a lot. I said: Life gives you…


Just be a hoe, already.

There are two types of girls: the hoes and the girls that envy the hoes because like…what guy cares about how many degrees you have. right? So as you should know by now, I’m a Howard girl but Lord…