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August 2014



Why should I be happy for him when I know she’s not even half of me? Fuck her. I miss the other half of me. Fuck him. He knew he was half of me. how the fuck do you…


You’re Everything But Human

The very thing that makes us human is our ability to experience emotions. The pain we feel in our hearts when we’re sad, the stone-like feel in our throats, the tremble of our lips, the hollow feel in our…


Mike Brown Leads the Revolution

Last Saturday afternoon, America lost an 18 year old black, unarmed, very-soon-to-be college student to the hands of an officer of STL’s PD in Ferguson, Missouri. Long Live Mike Mike I didn’t write this to act like a reporter or…


The Loveless Teaches You To Love Less

It’s long, but read it all please. Im trying to save the world here. lol Before I typed this, I sat and wondered if singers and rappers get the internal flame when it’s time to write. That flame that…


Twitpic It Or You’re Lying

It seems like any time you decide to get on these social networks, you have two choices: Twitpic it & prove it or shut your lying ass up. Everyone tweets, “Idgaf about nobody’s opinion” “only God can judge me” “You…


Crazy starts with an “I”

Only one man in the world can call me crazy & I wouldnt be able to do shit but agree. & no it wasn’t because dicktoobomb because I’ve never had it. It was because I had just lost my…