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25 Of The Best Things I’ve Ever Done For My Mind And Body – Review

Ways To Be Healthier

I sent out a newsletter to my subscribers the other day that talked about being “just another…” versus being the best to ever do it. Face it,

However, it starts with your mind and body and making sure they are both performing at their best. I came across a piece on Huffington Post by Michele Lian entitled “25 Of The Best Things I’ve Ever Done For My Mind And Body.” I thought to myself, “what better way to make sure you feel good on #feelgoodfridays than to read something that literally lists things that are guaranteed to make you feel good?!”

Michele listed everything from giving herself an hour to wind down before bed to making herself less available to people to avoid stress and anxiety. She also talked about kicking her soda habit, drinking lemon-infused water, getting rid of clothes she no longer wears, and the list goes on. By now, we all know that everything ain’t for everybody. However, we also know that insanity is doing the same things and expecting a different result. If you haven’t been very good with self-care lately, it’s time to make some changes that work for you! Figure out what kind of “diet” is just the right amount of healthy that’ll keep you interested. Figure out what exercise routine you enjoy the most. Figure out if you need a personal AND business phone to keep the stress levels down. Analyze your current friendships and/or relationship – are they still healthy and fulfilling? It’s time to get in the habit of feeling good so you can have the mind and body that it takes to be the best to ever do it – whatever your “it” is.

What are some of the best things you’ve ever done for your mind and body?

To read Michele’s entire list click here.

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