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3 Men To Follow When You Want To Up Your Suit Game

Video credit: @dr.b_bay

When’s the last time your boyfriend put on a suit and it wasn’t for a wedding, funeral, or even work? I know, I’ll wait. Either his suit game could use some adjustments or it simply doesn’t exist. If you’re a guy who clicked on this post, was it because your go-to is the classic blue suit you bought 4 years ago? Are you hoping to change your closet to something that tells the world you’re officially a grown ass man? Let me help you! I did some searching on Instagram and gathered three men who’ll inspire your new look. Of course, I made a stop at my alma mater, Howard University. School of Business basically created what it means to be a dapper Black man.

But here’s 3 Men Who Does Dapper Effortlessly:

Instagram: @nicosuavea
Instagram: @dr.b_bay

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