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4 Last Minute Things Every Bride Should Do Before The Big Day

I am a perfectionist by nature so I of course wanted everything to be impeccable for the most important day of my life – my wedding day. I not only started planning for it months ahead, but I started organizing things and crossing things off my to-do list very early as well. I had most of the big chores and arrangements done by the beginning of the wedding week. However, there are so many details you can easily forget, especially closer to the date of the wedding when the pace of everything quickens and the excitement and stress are high. That’s why I’ve decided to remind you of the things you must not forget as you prepare for your happily ever after.


Break in your heels.

Many brides forget about this very important detail. You should break in your wedding shoes at least a week before your wedding day. To avoid blisters and hurting your feet, get slightly oversized shoes. You can always line them with plush fabric or buy inserts that you can later take out if your feet swell up during the big day. Warm the shoes before you break them in, or spray them with a laundry softener and leave them in a bag overnight, then wear them the next day. Try walking around in them on different surfaces, and get confident and stable.

Load your bridal survival kit. 

Brides are always the center of attention so everyone’s eyes will be on you. A good rule of thumb to follow is to always expect the best but prepare for the worst. I might have exaggerated, but I had a huge purse I called my bridal first-aid kit. I loaded it with good make-up that my make-up artist recommended, a pair of extra artificial nails that I actually had to use, lots of blotting paper, perfume, mints, extra hair pins and earrings, tissues in case of tearing up, mascara remover and waterproof mascara, eye glitter and moisturizing hand cream. Don’t forget a good purse mirror too!


Set the scene for your photos.

Think in advance of what you would like to have as your background in your wedding photos – a park, the sea, botanical gardens or even something urban. We hired professional wedding videography from Sydney and they had amazing suggestions. We even did trial runs to see what we would like the most and came up with wonderful solutions so that our wedding day shoot was very smooth and glitch-free. Everyone knew where to stand, which direction to look and how to strike the best pose. Practice makes perfect, so do invest some time and effort into creating long lasting memories.

Don’t forget to relax and enjoy!

There is so much happening on your wedding day that it is very easy to forget how to relax and enjoy yourself. It would be a terrible waste to miss enjoying your special day just because you are worrying about food service, a cousin being late or anything else. Keep your priorities in check and don’t forget it is a celebration of your love and your new life. Learn a few relaxation techniques that you can do quickly in less than five minutes. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, find a quiet place, and do these exercises. Ground yourself, clear your energy field, relax the tension in your belly and breathe deeply. Keep your focus on your heart, sink into your love and your vision of your new life. Love and encourage yourself.

Every girl deserves a perfect wedding day, and it is entirely possible to have one!

TraceyClaytonTracey Clayton is passionate about traveling, fashion and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”


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