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4 Reasons You Should Text Him First This Time

It’s 2016. We have electric cars and food that can be delivered by Uber drivers. There’s no reason why the rules of dating haven’t caught up with the times. Waiting for guys to make all the first moves is becoming beyond outdated. A great way to show you are interested in him as well is by initiating the conversation every once in a while. For the girls who are too shy to send the first text, I’d like to propose 5 reasons why you should reconsider:


Let’s start with the fact that you own a phone:

Why not make some use of it and tell him how you feel?! You have the power to do it so why not take a chance? This is your phone and you are in charge. The fact that he hasn’t texted you yet is a good enough reason to text him! It doesn’t matter when you got his number; as long as you are being polite but forward I’m sure he won’t mind your timing.

Because Kanye said so:

No matter your philosophy or morals, there is a Kanye West reference that perfectly articulates my reasoning to text first: People never get the flowers while they can still smell them. Life is short and if anything were to happen to either of you, you would have never gotten to tell him how you felt. In this time period, flowers are a cute way to show affection but it is also a lot of work to take care of them. A text, on the other hand, is a cute way to show affection and doesn’t need to be taken care of at all. Why not send a cute text? It is a lot better than sending the wrong flowers.


If he isn’t worth it, why wait to find out?

If he acts weird about it, you now know to delete his contact and move on to the next. Instead of waiting forever to receive a text from him, this speeds up the process. Once you send the text, wait for a response. If the response is given in a reasonable time and it is a cute reply, then guess who wins? You! Anything less isn’t worth your time so guess who wins again? You! Either way you are winning, and he is missing out if he doesn’t get on the winning team.

Maybe he’s the shy type:

He could be having a hard time sending you the first message. Maybe he’s too shy or has some sort of trust issues. Whatever the case may be, you can help him out. There’s a lot of pressure on guys to go after what they want and not giving up until they get it. As women, we’ve never even had that kind of pep talk! But I am here to give it to you: you want him? Get him. Even if you are indifferent, text him first because hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

lexanna Lexanna Sims is a Life in a Pile contributor and Midwestern bookworm who can jam to everything on the radio.

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