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6 Exercises That Improve Your Sex Life – Review

lunge matrix

Yasss, honey! Work it, work it. It’s time to spice it up in the bedroom by making yourself stronger and more flexible. When you think about it, a healthier body equating to a healthier sex life is kind of like “duh,” but when you actually learn about specific exercises that you can do to improve your moves in the bedroom, you get excited as if you just learned all the cheat codes to amazing sex. I came across Emma Haak’s post on Huffington Post entitled, “6 Exercises That Improve Your Sex Life” and realized my entire [sex] life has been a lie! You think you’re doing your thing until you think of all the things you could be doing if you would just exercise regularly! From the Lunge Matrix that will allow you to get into and hold any position you and your partner think of to Wall Sits that will give you more control over your hips in any position, Emma shares all of the exercises that will lead to more fulfilling sex.

Although these are everyday exercises for both men and women, these 6 are the ones that will allow you to have more control over your body during sex while also giving you more endurance. No more getting tired after only 60 secs on top, ladies! Men, try some of these so you can actually catch it when she throws it back at you instead of losing your balance. Couples’ workout, anyone?

For the full list of exercises that will improve your sex life, click here.


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