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6 Things You Have That Are A lot Better Than A Valentine

Valentine’s Day is the day that was given to us to guarantee a little more love, a little more appreciation, and a little more happiness. Whether you’re in a relationship or in a situation, today is the chance to show people you care about them. Unfortunately, we’ve given this holiday the power to also make people feel a little less loved, a little less appreciated, and a little less happy. But let’s try to look on the bright side: there are things you’ve had all year ’round that are so much better than having a valentine. From irreplaceable people to living in your purpose, below are 6 things that prove you’re still winning without the chocolate or the teddy bears:

Things-that-matter-most16x20-819x10241. People who love you: Love consists of more than just flowers, cards, and lingerie. There are people who aren’t your valentine but love you unconditionally. When you needed a shoulder to lean on? They came running. When you wanted to give up? They convinced you to keep going. When you needed to talk? They listened. When you needed support? They were the first in line. The best part is that they’ll still be there even when today is over.

2. Your craft: Nothing brings a person more happiness than the things he/she is passionate about. Working on your craft has gotten you through sadness, broken friendships, heartbreaks, etc. Your craft has given you purpose. Every time you wake up, you feel as though you have a reason to be here. Instead of feeling down about not having a Valentine, spend today perfecting your craft and doing what you love to do.

3. People who want you: Let’s be clear, you’re not valentine-less because no one wants you. Not even your attitude can stop people from texting your phone. Take pride in the fact that you didn’t sign up for V-Day this year just to receive gifts from someone you don’t really care about. Of course everyone wants to feel special but you’re not desperate; it is what it is and it ain’t what it ain’t. You still value love and relationships so you’re not ever willing to sit across the table from someone you wouldn’t consider the other 364 days just for a date. People wanted you before V-Day and they’re going to still want you after V-Day. What are you sad about again? You’re still poppin’ and that’s exactly why you do what you want. That includes choosing yourself over a valentine you wouldn’t want by February 17th.


4. An account that’s in good standing: you didn’t have to splurge on anyone this year, which means more money to spend on yourself! If you decide not to treat yourself with gifts, please decide to invest. Buy things that will expand your brand. Purchase your domain. Purchase a new template for your website. Buy business cards. Buy a book. Book a trip. Spend money on something that will only make you more money!

5. Your parents: there are people who don’t have a mother on mother’s day, a father on father’s day, or a valentine on Valentine’s Day then there are those who don’t have all 3. You might not have a Valentine but you still have a mother’s love. A mother’s love outweighs anything anyone could have ever thought to give you today. You still have a father who loves you unconditionally and supports everything you do. Your parents’ love is something that you can’t put a price on or find half-off the next day. Spend today to show them how much you appreciate them.

6. The chance to see Valentine’s Day: Life is too short to put so much emphasis on one day. There are people currently spending their V-Day grieving over someone they’ll never see again. There are people who didn’t wake up to see V-Day at all. Waking up today was your first gift and it’s up to you to see the other gifts the universe has blessed you with.

It’s important that we remain grateful for even the smallest things. Social media has made it easy for people to feel less than because they received less than from someone or nothing at all. However, let’s remember that there are things that you had before today that are a lot more valuable than the likes you’ll receive on IG and Twitter for posting gifts. I should have started with the fact that you actually made it to Valentine’s day this year…

Thanks for reading!


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