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8 Reasons Millennial Women Aren’t Trying To Commit Any Time Soon – Review


Welp. I guess someone had to say it. Someone had to address the elephant in the room that represents women breaking out of their societal roles. It’s the kind of topic that’d cause anyone to put their head down, hide their face, and quickly sip their tea; no one wants to bring it up and no one wants to add their two cents. But Sian Jones’ does in her post, 8 Reasons Millennial Women Aren’t Trying To Commit Any Time Soon. Maybe she got tired of guys getting mad that she was too busy to text right back or worked too much to hang out all the time. Because I know I’m not the only one who’s tired of having to explain that my dreams come first.

I was born in the 90s, which means by the time I was 21, we still didn’t have flying cars but we did have electric ones. Racism wasn’t gone, but we did have a black president. I may haven’t been born with gray eyes but I could definitely buy some permanent ones. Basically, being born in the 90s means you’re an adult during the times traditional lines begin to blur; things haven’t quite changed completely but they’re beginning to. As Sian Jones’ puts it, being born in the 90s means I was granted options. That’s what happens when you’re a millennial – you get to choose a different route. Sian lists 8 other routes millennial women can choose before choosing to be committed to a man:

  1. We can choose to focus on our career instead.
  2. We can choose to spend our own money instead.
  3. We can choose to not give a fuck about what society thinks about us.
  4. We can choose to live instead of just exist a little bit longer.
  5. We can choose to have kids later.
  6. We can choose to talk to the man in the UK on Twitter instead of the man down the street.
  7. We can choose to not face our fear of divorce.
  8. We can choose to act like we’re in a relationship instead of actually being in one.

It’s not that millennial women are automatically choosing these things over men. It’s the fact that we have so many other options that gives us the opportunity to take things slow and think things through. Before, there was no having a “career” or having our “own money.” There was no having kids after 30 or being in a situationship. Today? The average woman has all of these options and more. I’ll even go out on a limb and add a 9th one:

  9. Instead of choosing commitment, we can choose to get drunk with our friends in Miami and take photos at the beach. (but maybe that’s just me and one of my favorite fellow millennial women)

To read the original post (highly recommend), click here!

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