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8 Reasons You’re Going To Be Single During Cuffing Season

cuffin season

Do you even remember how to spell date?

When’s the last time you’ve been out of the house on the weekend, doing hoodrat shit with your friends, and met someone new? When’s the last time you gave a girl a time to be ready and took her to a place she’s never been? You can’t remember because you don’t date. The first step to getting back in the dating field is getting out of the damn house! How do you expect to have a starting 5 if you can’t even go out and find ONE star player?

Admit it, you’re average right now.

When people text you “wyd?” you give them the same dry ass answer every time: nothing, chilling. wbu? That’s not exciting, might even sound a bit depressing to some. Get a life so you can give people real answers. Again, it starts with getting out of the house. What do you like to do? What are you passionate about? Go do it or find some inspiration that will let you do it. Let’s be honest, what you’re bringing to the table looks exactly the same as what their last boo brought to the table. 

You put all of your eggs in one basket.

When will you learn? You gave up all of your potential boos for one and they turned out to be a waste of time. Date around (not sex around, unless that’s your thing) instead of putting all of your hope into an unsure thing. Some may argue that nothing is a sure thing, but you know when something is a dead end or headed in the right direction. 

You’re still stuck on your ex.

Ironically, we let people from our past play a huge part in our future. LET IT GO. Move on. If it’s meant to be then it will come back, but for now you need to try to forget about it. The fastest way to see if your ex is really for you is by getting someone else. The quicker you let go, the quicker you will find out. The important part is: you will find out.

You brag about how you love being single.

We’ve all been guilty of acting fake happy, and fake unbothered about the single life. Everyone wants someone. Period. If you still cry over love songs and romantic movies – you don’t love being single & most likely you’re #4 on this list. You can tweet all day about how you love being single but it’s null and void if you don’t date or have sex with people other than your ex. Single people who love being single do both & love doing it.

You’re loyal to someone you’re not with.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? enough said.

You haven’t told the person you like that you like them.

So how exactly do you plan to be with this person if they don’t even know you want to be with them? A lot of people don’t like to assume everyone who’s friendly towards them likes them. Lucky for you, we’re at the age where it’s not weird to tell someone how you feel about them. You’re waiting on them and they’re probably waiting on you. Make the first move, as long as you’re not #2 or #4 on this list, you should be okay!

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