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8 Simple Tips To Prevent Losing Your Luggage – Review



Losing my luggage on a trip is definitely one of my top 5 fears. To be away from home with no clothes, shoes, underwear, makeup?! Wow, I would die. Not to mention, I probably packed things I’ve never worn or used so that’s money down the drain on top of me having to buy mo- you know what? Let’s just stop talking about it. It scares me.

I’m currently preparing for my first-time trip to Los Angeles, California in two weeks. Yes, I’m excited; however, during my interview with The Coolis Mac, he told me the story of how he lost his luggage on his flight to L.A so I’m just as nervous as I am excited. Luckily, I came across Jessica Probus’ piece on BuzzFeed entitled, “8 Simple Tips To Prevent Losing Your Luggage” and was granted peace of mind. Some things were like, “okay, if you don’t do this every time you take a trip, you’re asking to lose your luggage” while other things were like, “wow, thanks Jessica!” Did you guys know you can track your bag using an app?! I also didn’t know you can find out if an airline has good baggage handling history either! How could you ever lose your bag again with just those two tips alone?

Aside from me removing old airline tags or using luggage that doesn’t look like everyone else’s, I’m definitely going to be using some of Jessica’s other tips during my flight to L.A. I should probably pass them to The Coolis Mac while I’m at it.

For Jessica’s full list of tips on how to prevent losing your luggage, click here!

What methods do you use to prevent losing your luggage when you travel?

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