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16 Affordable Places To Go If You’re Young, Broke, And Want To Travel The World – Review


Most people are under the impression that traveling outside of the country will cost them a shit load of money. Between passports, hotel rooms, and wanting to try everything opposite of what they’re used to, most people think domestic travel or not traveling at all is the cheapest route to go. Well, I’m here to be the bearer of good news: there are 15 places outside of the U.S that are beautiful, easy on the pockets, and worth traveling to. From Bangkok, Thailand offering rooms for as low as $20/night to a hostel costing an average of $10/night in the Philippines, leaving your home does not have to be costly. In Victor Smith’s piece on StarPulse, he proves that being young and broke should not keep you from fulfilling your need to travel.

According to Victor’s article, these are a few places you can still flourish in when your money is funny:

1. Auckland, New Zealand: Expensive flight from the U.S but that’s literally where most of your money will go.

2. Marrakech, Morocco: If you want to save even more money, go in October or May because places to stay will drop their rates.

3. Machu Picchu, Peru: Is North America stressing you out these days? Head to South America and go hiking on the Incan trail for the low-low.

4. Hanoi, Vietnam: Vietnam is budget friendly but book your ticket for late December to avoid the rains.

5. Cuba: Flights from the U.S are back in action and it’s pretty affordable. Book your trip somewhere between January and March or September and November.

6. Crete, Greece: I’m so glad Greece is on this list because I literally have been wanting to go to Greece for years now because it’s so beautiful! Crete is cheaper than Santorini, but Santorini is *only* 7 hours away.

9. Bali, Indonesia: Younger crowds, extremely cheap foods, and coffee. Sounds like the perfect place for millennials. The best months to book are April, May, September, and October.

10. Arizona, USA: Still not convinced to leave the nest yet? Test the waters in the most beautiful state in the U.S first – there’s something [cheap] there for everyone.

Have you ever traveled out of the country with a super cheap ticket? Where did you go?

To read the remaining places on Victor’s list, click here!

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