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What’s New: You Can Now Put Your Flight On Layaway


Like most things in America, travel is a luxury granted to those who can afford it and, also like most things in America, black people are usually the ones who can’t afford most of these “luxuries” so they either go without or they end up inventing things that are made by us and made for us *cues Solange’s FUBU.* Although Airfordable isn’t only for black people, it’s a black-owned startup that allows you to put your flight on layaway before the departure date.

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up for FREE on Airfordable.com

2. Submit your ticket: Find a flight and upload a screenshot of the details.

3. Lock in with a deposit: Secure your ticket by putting down a deposit for your flight.

4. Receive e-ticket: once you’ve finished paying your last installment on your payment plan, you’ll receive your plane ticket.

Yes, it’s that simple. You can even secure the price! You don’t have to worry about the price increasing as you get closer to your departure date because once you lock in your ticket with your deposit, you lock in the price as well. No interest, no credit checks. When you think about all of the study abroad opportunities students missed out on because of pricey airfare or how many people have never been out of the country or even outside of their hometown, Airfordable is way past due. Everyone deserves an opportunity to explore outside of their comfort zone. Everyone deserves an opportunity to experience new things and create memories. Hopefully this means we can also say goodbye to the trips that start out with 10 people planning and ends with only 3 people going.

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