Are You Detoxing or Botoxing?

blogOk so for this post I wanted to get away from shit that’s only on the surface: music of the week, CLOTHESure, Intermissions, etc. According to the feedback I’ve been getting y’all really take time out to read what I have to say so I thought I’ll talk about something that’s real.

Basically this post is asking you: are you getting rid of the toxins in your life or are you changing yourself to conform to them? 

We all go through shit. The transition from being a young adult to a real adult with real ass bills alone is “going through shit” in my eyes. It’s weird as fuck. You don’t know if you’re too grown to still be going past your alcohol limit or too childish to be paying more than just a cellphone bill. You don’t know if you’re really an alcoholic or just the average  21 year old. You don’t whether to sign up for amateur night at the booty club or just get a second job. Point is. Shit’s overwhelming when you don’t know which way to go. 


“I can’t cut her off, I knew my bitch since 4th grade.” But your “bitch” aint doing shit with her life & you out here making shit happen. Your best friend from middle school is not on what you’re on. You outgrew ’em. Detox before you botox; get rid of them before you change & your life starts to reflect theirs.

“I knew my gf since 6th grade & she a scorpio so you know she nasty for a nigga like me.” 😑 So she’s the one, huh? That’s how you feel? Despite the fact she never graduated HS. Despite the fact she don’t do shit but smoke all your weed and drive your car. She don’t even match you or put gas in there sometimes. 😕 Detox before you botox; she ain’t holding you down she holding you back right now. *Drake Voice*


Detoxing goes beyond the physical. You have to rid your life of things that don’t help you grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. If you noticed the quote on my page it says, “the more pain you feel the less aligned you are with your destiny.” Basically, you been doing your own shit, following your own steps, and now your life is in shambles because you’ve gone so far off the path you can’t even see the light at the end of the tunnel anymore. You’re probably one of those, “I don’t need nobody. fuck everybody. all I got is me” tweeters huh? Well, realistically speaking. The only people you DONT need are ones that don’t contribute to your growth. Wait for it……wait for it……YOU NEED EVERYONE ELSE.


So why is it so hard for you to rid your life of things that hurt instead of help? Why is it hard to let go of your ex? Why is it hard for you to stay consistent with working out? Why do you feel like you need revenge after that first heartbreak? Why does it matter that a lot of people are chasing the same dream as you & that’s why you dont go as hard? Why are you SO DAMN ANGRY? Because you dwell on the negative instead of the positive. You spend more time thinking about the what ifs. Direct your thoughts towards positivity. Your actions are a reflection of what you think. Think positive, do positive things, create positive habits.


People that think highly of themselves don’t see anyone else. You’re probably thinking, “that’s not a good thing though.” Let me put it like this, we see who we WANT to see. Sooo much goes on around you, there’s no way you can focus on everything. You’re always down because you’re FOCUSED on shit that you either cant change, control or it just dont have shit to do with you. Some situations and some people just gotta become a part of the background. You have to give focus to things that earned it by working for it. I love myself enough to protect my thoughts, time, and energy. I choose what I see because the things that I see are keeping me happy, helping me grow, making me laugh, pushing me to be great, etc. Life can be one big negative bubble sometimes. Everyone thinks they have the answers. Everyone thinks they know more about a person’s life than the actual person. Everyone is just worried about all the wrong shit. There’s more bringing down than building up on a lot of social networks, also. That’s not what my energy is made of.


Ok, I never understood this. Why are you not being the only person you’ve known all your life? You literally know everything about this person, you MADE this person. You made the likes, dislikes, favorite icecream, favorite shoes, A-student mentality, goal oriented personality, etc. but yet…when you come across someone that doesn’t love this person as much as you’d like you totally dead the original you & put a mask on. You start to “love” shit you know nothing about. You start to listen to music you don’t really like. You laugh at jokes you don’t find funny. You dress in a way that’s uncomfortable for you. & Guess what? People still aren’t satisfied. Now you sad. FOR FUCKING WHAT? No one EVER told you to put man’s opinion of you before GOD’s anyway. GOOD-BYE!


So you met someone. They came into your life. Turned it around. Made you who you are. Now they want credit. NAH. No one made you. No one makes anyone. The only things we make are impacts. If anyone ever told you, “You wouldn’t be shit without me. The way you walk, talk, jump, spell, fuck, drink, run. that’s all me.” First of all, that sounds dumb. Second, if you REALLY felt like you built something would you be trying to tear it down? No. You put too much time into that shit. You’re gonna sit back and admire your work. Only dumb asses make dope projects & ask, “Y’all like this? I made it.” Then tear it up. 


Basically, I wrote this to give you something to think about throughout the day. On your lunch break, on your way to work, cleaning up your room, etc. Just think: Am I detoxing or botoxing? Am I getting rid of toxins or becoming toxic to myself? Am I conforming to things that break me down? How can I get aligned with my destiny? How can I stop being so angry? Have I let go of people that need credit for MY greatness? Have I been the REAL me with EVERYONE? What do I CHOOSE to focus on? Have I even filtered what’s in my focus?

As most of you know, I’ve been detoxing (physically) but it led to detoxing spiritually, mentally & emotionally. The best way to protect your time and energy is to choose the people that are in your life; don’t let them choose you. You’re gonna choose GREAT people to be in your life, & people are gonna choose you to be in theirs because YOU’RE great, but does that mean they’re great also? Not all the time. Some are looking for help.

Have a good day, guys!

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