Bae is short for ‘No One Loves Me’

blog3Oh, you aint know that’s what he told his niggas? You not in a relationship so what else would it mean?  The girl version is: “bitchhhhh, he just something to do. Im not worried about that nigga.” Then he call mid convo and it’s, “shhh, he calling. HEY BABE!” Don’t get in your feelings though because there’s really levels to the bae shit & they are as follows:

  1. We grinding, who has time for relationships? Let’s just kick it until we ready.
  2. Your sex good, but your personality dryer than Russel Simmons II lips. How can we be more than “baes?”
  3. Something is missing. Idk what it is. Your convo is cool. But it’s just not there.
  4. You just cant take the hint that I’m not interested and idk how to be that honest with you. I play along when Im bored though.
  5. You think you’re in love when really you’re just way too comfortable


BE REAL. Everyone’s situation is NOT #1. I can count on one hand how many people grinding to the point they’re too busy to be caught up in love. However, I hear about #3 a lot but people insist on putting in overtime to change that person’s mind. Not realizing that if you can’t even figure out what it is that’s missing, how can you add it to the picture? You can’t. Connection not there. Let it go. Go be great elsewhere. Guys’ situation is usually #2 because girls act 3 years old when they like somebody. I used to be that girl in HS. The one that had to do everything cute. walk cute. talk cute. sneeze cute. That shit is CHILDISH. You childish if you’re not you because of someone else, even on the first day. Why would you trick them like that? 6 months later he’s gonna be like who’s this girl that just don’t feel like getting her nails done today? Who’s this guy that don’t really know shit about music? To you, it’s the same person. To them, you a whole new, conniving ass hoe. lmao


ah, that good ole situationship, huh? This stems from #5 a lot. So here’s the key: you ALWAYS answer your own question when you ask what are we? Why we not together? & if you sent “so you not gonna reply?” after that novel of a text you just sent before? BRUH. pack it up. now. You’re exactly what you are. You’re what you’ve been. Only way it’s changing is if there’s a mutual agreement that y’all really fucking with each other & want it to be more. Don’t think that because they’re comfortable with you they love you. Just because they never leave or always come back or always text you back do not mean they love you. They’re 1 of 2 things: too weak to leave their comfort zone (you) or aware that nobody wants their tired ass but you. You don’t want either. If you feel like y’all best friends & can talk about ANYTHING but he’s never asked you out – “you a cool ass, down ass bitch who listens to me, give me advice, & who I can run to when life not shit or I need sex.” THAT’S ALL. I’ve never had a “good sex, bad relationship” type thing how Fabolous defines a “situationship” BUT I have been in a situation that was dead end. not going anywhere. gas tank on E. lifeless. & it DRAINS you. You put so much energy into pushing the car up the damn hill & when you almost at the top you notice that mf is in reverse & there it goes rolling back down as soon as you stop holding on to it. 🙁 but you chill a few days, get your energy back up, remind yourself how “in love” you are & try it again like a retard. Until you say, “hold on, this car not even foreign & this bitch 7k miles overdue for a oil change. Why am I putting special effort into some shit that’s not even special?” Now you mad. at everybody cause you was doing extra special shit for an average ass person.


People be REAL QUICK to say It’s complicated. Is it? or is it just some bullshit with a bow on it? If y’all always going from bae to bruh every other day, then it’s not complicated. What’s so complicated about the fact it’s just not working out? What’s complicated about, “he don’t buy me shit or take me on real dates but he blow my back out?” What’s complicated about “she don’t put me on her IG but she always making niggas her #MCM while I’m making her my #WCW?” Complicated is a relationship status that people who didn’t think they could do better or deserved more came up with to justify their sad excuse of a relationship. How I know? *sips tea* I hate to see young qweens & kings stressing over shit that they have no business being in in the first place. God aint stop making penises when he made that nigga’s & he didn’t stop making vaginas either. Go find another one that’s attached to a person that REALLY fuck with you.

So this is what it boils down to. Your situation is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. If you don’t take shit else away from this remember that. If you hate me after this, still remember that. There really are some aint shit niggas and trifling hoes in the world but that don’t mean make them bae, try to change them then complain how love hurts. Truth is: if you’re not in a healthy relationship or your situation is #2-5 but you’re still putting “bae” on a pedestal, it’s not because no one loves you like the title says…It’s because YOU don’t love you.


Btw, I hate when y’all do this shit on IG ladies. It makes you look desperate. We dont care that you can pass out foot massages while you cook noodles & play GTA. Just hold the single life down until you meet someone that wants you to be more than good sex & average convo.



Note: I didn’t type this to laugh & tell you your relationship aint shit. I wrote this from experience. I haven’t been in every situation but I’ve learned enough from my previous relationship and other people’s situations to be able to tell you sometimes shit aint what it seem & you need to reevaluate or love yourself enough to realize the shit just no longer or never did do ANYTHING for YOU. If the relationship can’t stand on its own without you putting in extra effort to hold it together then it’s not worth it. Sometimes the hardest thing to get out of is denial.

The only thing between you and someone that genuinely makes you happy is you deciding that’s who you deserve. 

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