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What Happens Behind The Scenes Of A Casting Call

Have you ever been in NYC during fashion week? Everyone has a different perspective – the model, the designer, and the everyday fashion lover. I’m just an everyday fashion lover so fashion week in NYC looks like beautiful chaos to me. For the designer, it may just look like chaos. But for the model? NYFW looks like everything he or she ever wanted and it all started with a casting call.

BTS of a NYFW Casting Call

All black? Check. Heels? Check. Bare face? Check. Portfolio? Check. Depending on the casting, these four model necessities should be enough to get you an opportunity to strut your stuff in front of casting directors and the people waiting to outdo your walk when you’re finished. According to Michelle Persad from Huffington Post, Maida Gregori-Boina and Rami Fernandes are two of the most sought after casting directors. On average, 400 girls come out and only 30-40 are casted. “She needs to have a nice body, a nice neck and good ankles,” Gregori-Boina told Huffington Post. “I look for a girl who looks smart, who looks interested in what we are doing and has personality.”

“Some of the models form friendships while waiting in line to see casting directors,” Joseph Chi Lin for Time explains. “Although models must demonstrate to casting directors that they can walk in high heels, most do not wear them while running to appointments. Flats, sandals or other, more comfortable footwear are on hand for a quick change after a casting is finished,” he continues. Herieth Paul, a model, explains that she goes to eight castings a day on average. “Sometimes it’s like 15 a day, sometimes it’s like five a day. It depends on how many people want to see you in that day.”

What’s in their portfolios?

Examples of what’s in a model’s portfolio:


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