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Bloggers Are the New Unsigned Artists

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Once upon a time, a rapper was the thing to be. It didn’t matter if you just woke up that day and decided to rap, it didn’t matter if you didn’t know the first thing about rapping, and it definitely didn’t matter if rapping wasn’t your purpose in life. These days? Being a blogger is no different. The site is the album, the new posts are the singles, the networking events are the shows, and the readers are the fans. “Damn, so everyone is a blogger now?” is all I’ve been hearing and there’s nothing wrong with that besides the fact that most new bloggers are totally forgetting that you have to have a passion for writing to last in such a crowded lane. People don’t realize that if you’re good at something, most likely it comes to you naturally. Just like rapping looks easy, blogging looks easy. But just like rappers have to get people to keep listening, bloggers have to get people to do something they wouldn’t usually do as well, which is keep reading.


The difference between knowing how to write and being a good writer is the same difference in knowing how to rhyme words and being a good artist. I’ve been a blogger since 2009; my first blog was The Kid Frankie, thanks to Wiz Khalifa’s mixtape Kush and OJ. I’m still a blogger 6 years later and it’s not because it sounds cool. Originally, I blogged about celebrities because that’s what I thought being a blogger meant. But it was corny because it wasn’t me! I didn’t understand nor did I appreciate the art of blogging and that’s what’s happening now with a lot of “new bloggers.” In order to blog about fashion, you have to love everything about fashion. In order to blog about music, you have to love everything about music. In order to blog about love and relationships, you have to not only love everything about love but you have to understand how relationships work. If you don’t understand the art of blogging then nothing about your work will be original because you’ll just copy everyone who you think is blogging “correctly” then call it inspiration.


Now, I know how good rappers feel; the one thing that brings fire to their souls is being watered down by those who just want the easy way IN. Art is being threatened with mediocrity because everyone wants the title of being an artist instead of just loving the art in general. J.Cole described every artists’ main goal perfectly when he said, “I want my dreams to rescue me.” Because there’s nothing in the world we want more. There’s nothing in the world we would rather be doing. At 4AM, our eyes are begging us to go to sleep but our hearts are begging us to keep working until we’re satisfied. Our stomachs are begging us to eat but when our hearts beg us to “go over it one more time” that one time turns into 30. Our bae’s are asking us to watch the movie but our hearts are telling us to keep fucking working until it’s perfect. Yes, writing is fun. Yes, it sounds cool to tell people that you’re a blogger. YES, it’s the most awesome feeling in the world to have people email you about your work and tell you to keep doing what you’re doing because it helped them get through shit. However, I’m sure surgeons get those same benefits but you don’t see me out here doing surgery, so don’t be out here just buying domains.


 When you read my About the Blogger page, I shared that words are cures. Words are the most important things to any human being. Words can either make or break. Heal or hurt. Encourage or discourage. Lift up or break down. Make you laugh or make you sad. I didn’t start back blogging because I needed to find something to do with my spare time; I started blogging again because I was hurting like hell and needed to do the one thing that brings me the most peace – write. I just happened to help others while I was doing it. I don’t want people to feel like blogging is on its way to becoming a lost art because we have to sort through so much trash to find the gold. If you’re passionate about writing, then PLEASE by all means continue. However, if you wouldn’t fall asleep at your computer writing a blog post then maybe you should leave it to those who’d choose finishing a post over going out 95% of the time. Or who’ll forget to eat because they’re too busy trying to perfect it. Or who’ll miss the entire movie they were watching with bae because something was missing and they couldn’t quite put their finger on it. Because just like rappers, we’re sensitive about our shit too but we’re not trying to be the new unsigned artists just because you want your life to look cooler.

Thanks for reading!

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    I'm Only Getting Better!
    July 22, 2015 at 9:05 pm

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    Tia Scott
    June 20, 2016 at 1:10 pm

    This is real. All of it.

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    July 10, 2016 at 11:53 pm

    I absolutely love love love this. I can appreciate the honesty.

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