[Exclusive] With A Passion For Flashes, Que Is The Photographer You Never Knew You Needed


A Georgia native and a lover of art, Quentin Boswell’s upbringing shaped his latest venture: photography. With the ability to provoke emotion in each photo, he vows to always make being #capturedbyque a full experience.

Here’s Our Conversation:

LIAP: If I’m Captured By Que, what can I expect from the experience that I won’t find anywhere else?

Que: If you’re #capturedbyque, you’ll experience good vibes. I’ve always been laid back and I feel like that helps clients feel comfortable when they’re shooting, especially if it’s their first time.

LIAP: What inspired your love for photography?

Que: I’ve always been interested in art but I never thought about doing photography growing up. I started doing it because I was dead broke and needed to find a way to feed my son. Eventually I grew a strong passion for the craft. I love how you can tell emotion from looking at a picture. I try my best to create that feeling whenever I shoot. It’s challenging so it’s keeps me interested. 

LIAP: What has been your favorite shoot so far?

Que: Every shoot ends up being my favorite. My Monday shoot could be my favorite and as soon as I finish my Tuesday shoot, that’ll be my favorite. It’s because I believe I get better every shoot I do. 

LIAP: Who do you hope to work with in 2020?

Que: I hope to work with major brands and artists in 2020.

LIAP: What has been the hardest part about building a business as a photographer?

Que: The hardest part is consistency. Instagram is a job. The more you post, the more business you’ll get but sometimes it’s hard to post content everyday. One thing I’m working on now is posting something everyday. No matter what it is, I have to post on ig everyday.

LIAP: What’s next for Que?

Que: I just added videography to my services so people can expect that from me. I’ll be doing promo commercials and hopefully music videos as well.

LIAP: Where can we find you?

Instagram: @capturedbyque

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