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5 Cities In Europe Where Black Skin Is Welcomed – Review


Yeah, I know. It’s 2016 and I’m writing a post about where black people are “welcomed.” But let’s be honest, America isn’t too fond of us so we might as well embrace the places outside of “home” that are. I came across The Blog Abroad while on xoNecole; it was #4 on xoNecole’s “Top 10 Bloggers To Follow in 2016” list. I’m not really sure what caught my attention; maybe it was the fact that Gloria was sprinkling black girl magic all over the world (literally) or because her “Stop Asking Me How I Afford To Travel” article on Huffington Post gained a hell of a lot of Facebook likes. Whatever it was led to me doing a blog review for her post, “5 Cities In Europe Where Black Skin Is Welcomed.”

According to Gloria, here’s 5 places where people will celebrate your blackness:

Edinburgh, Scotland

“Scottish people are some of the most hilarious and genuine people you will ever meet.”

But don’t go during the winter.

Berlin, Germany

Germany is a pretty liberal country in general, and whether it’s the crazy house parties, the endless selection of cuisines, nudist parks -“ wait, did she just say nudist parks? BRB, I have to go put a flight on layaway with Airfordable.

Nice, France

Nice is one of the most colorful, vivacious, and diverse cities in France.”

They even have black hair care products because they dig the protective styles too, boo.

Krakow, Poland

“Not only do the Polish people stop and smile at you as you pass them on the street, but you can feel their warmth and genuine appreciation for you being there in their expressions.”

Let’s all just move to Poland to be treated like royalty. I’m pretty much over this toxic relationship with America.

Budva, Montenegró

“In Montenegró, they treat you like royalty, and got damn it, you are.”

I wondered if the “negro” in its name had anything to do with that, but it really just means black mountain.

What places have you traveled to that celebrated your blackness?

To read Gloria’s full post, click here!

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