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I Dated A 20- And A 30-Something Guy, And Neither Of Them Were For Me – Review


For the first time ever, I visited Elite Daily, based on the suggestions of a blogger-friend. She gave me a heads up that it was mostly about love and relationships. In that moment, I’m sure I looked like the heart eyes emoji as I thought, “right up my alley!” As I scrolled down the site looking for the perfect blog post to review, I came across something every girl has considered at least twice (not once) in her life. I came across a post that touched on what it’s like to date your age vs an “older” man. Elite Daily Blogger, Sheena Sharma, wrote I Dated A 20- And A 30-Something Guy, And Neither Of Them Were For Me and boy was it perfect!

I’m at the age now where I have a more options when it comes to age and dating. On top of that, I’ve always been mature for my age so talking with an “older” guy is more easy than it is awkward. However, as much as I complain about “wanting an older man,” I always miss what the younger guys bring to the table. Sense of humor, fashion sense, petty but cute arguments, spending money carelessly on shit we don’t need, etc. are all things I kind of like about being young and in love. Older guys are stuck in routine, have kids half or almost your age, ridiculous bills, and dreams they’ve given up on.

In this post, Sheena breaks down each of her two dates and it boiled down two, “if I could build a man, I’d take qualities from both.” The older guy may be boring but at least he knows more than Netflix and chill. He may be cheap but at least he has something to show for it like the fact he owns a business and/or a house. The older guy may take life too seriously but at least you know his mentality is never “fuck bitches, get money.”

Having also experienced a date with both ages, I would have to agree with Sheema; finding a man older than you doesn’t mean you’ll find your fairytale ending. Age becomes just a number when you go after who makes you happy and who makes you better.

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