Dear Kings, You Forgot Something

So lately my kings have been really disappointing. It’s almost as if they’ve given up on themselves; therefore they’ve given up on the queens as well. Do guys know how frustrating it is to have to walk on eggshells because their trust is fucked up? Do guys know how frustrating it is to have to walk on eggshells because if you’re not perfect you’re “just like the rest of these hoes?” Do guys know how annoying it is to be a good girl to a guy that’s not used to having us? It’s like trying to give an abused dog a bath; every time you lift your hand to wash them, they bite you because they’re tired of people beating them. But guess what? After a while that nice owner isn’t going to keep being “understanding,” the dog either has to learn that they’re making the wrong person pay for what happened to them or they have to get ready to be back on the damn market. Nobody playing hopscotch with eggs for your ass forever.


I’m almost 100% sure guys bring more baggage to relationships than girls. Your man stills remember when his gf Ebony from 1st grade kissed his best friend at lunch, that’s why he don’t let you cook for Aaron when he comes over. He still remembers his first heartbreak, that’s why other girls are always a problem in your relationship; he refuses to put all his eggs in just YOUR basket. All it takes is one good guy to make a girl forget all her fuckboy experiences, whereas it takes about 4-5 girls for guys to forgive women as a whole for that one woman that broke his heart. 1 isn’t enough to prove 99% of us aren’t the same, that could’ve been just a coincidence right guys? and even when he does meet that one good girl he’s going to test the shit out of her. Push her to the point where she gives up and he tells everyone “I told you, she just like Alexis stupid ass.” I used to be the type of woman to PROVE myself. Prove to my man why our relationship is worth fighting for. Why I’M worth fighting for. Why I was all he needed, but I learned that I don’t have to prove shit. His job is to trust me with his heart when I’ve given him no reason NOT to. His job is to trust that I got him then let me SHOW him I got him. His job is not to keep testing me to see If I’m just like his previous girls. After a while Im going to feel like there’s no point, let you believe what you want and tell you you’re right. Leave your baggage with the girls that packed your bags. Don’t bring them to me then get mad when I try to show you there’s nothing in them that you need.


I know you saw your girl tweet Snoop Dogg verbatim when he said guys want wives but chase video girls. You saw it and you knew damn well she used it to subtweet you; she probably feel like she’s proving herself to you and you’re still going after a known sackchaser like your girl haven’t held you down for the last 3.5 years. It’s one thing for guys to go after “video girls” instead of good girls but it’s an entire different thing when guys treat the good girl like the video girls. Not necessarily how they speak to them but by the expectations they place on them. You SHOULD expect a “video girl” to only want you when you’re up, but leave you when you’re down; yet, you’re expecting that from Kiara when she was still fucking with you when you was still picking her up in your mama whip to take her on dates. You SHOULD expect a “video girl” to cheat on you; yet you’re expecting that from Maya when she was still fucking with you after she heard you hit Keisha with the big ass and 2 kids. She could’ve cheated on you then, but she didn’t. Stop expecting the same behavior out of them. Stop expecting her to fuck up like your previous girls & stop putting her through hell, testing her to see if she will.

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As always, there’s always more than one version to a situation. Let’s say you’re the guy with a hell of an ego who is intimidated by his girl’s accomplishments/success/power. Granted, you’ll never admit it to anyone but if you’re real with yourself you know I’m talking to you. Please don’t get offended when I say your kind is the worst kind because let’s clear this up now, A GIRL THAT LOVES YOU IS NEVER TRYING TO SHIT ON YOU. We trying to stunt WITH you but your insecure ass think we’re trying to stunt ON you. You think I’m going to let a nigga I’m “trying to stunt on” make me his girl? Hell no. A title isn’t needed to do that. I clearly see what you’re capable of. I see the king in you even when you’re too scared to accept your power. I see the king in you even when you feel unworthy of your crown. But I say you’re “the worst kind” because more often than not, you’d rather hold me back than hold me down. I wanted to send Drake my best nudes & a thank you card when he made that line cause it was so damn true. It’s like I’m accomplishing my shit & you’re so insecure and/or feel so undeserving that you act like a toddler; distracting mommy by doing unnecessary things for attention. Now, I can’t speak for every man that’s like this. Only the experience I had with my ex who literally told me he was proud of me twice in 4 years. Granted, I don’t accomplish anything for anyone but me BUT if I’m your Queen & holding you down in even the smallest of accomplishments, play your damn part as my King & stop acting like a fucking jealous peasant. Another big problem I have with you guys that are easily intimidated is that instead of meeting her standards, you lower yours. She’s “too strong” “too powerful” or whatever else so you settle for a girl that can’t make you better in not one damn shape or form because she’s as regular as a hood bitch taking night classes to become a CNA. Be honest, you go for easy because it makes you feel better about yourself.


Guys. I’m not coming at your neck, I promise. I just want you to want more & know you deserve more & that’s including when it comes to choosing or keeping your woman. If we tell you we love you, we love you. & when WE love you, you can do no wrong. Let’s be honest. We holding you down because you’re a part of us now. STOP ACTING LIKE YOU DONT NOW THAT. Shit, you know, you’re just scared of it. Because …why you, right? That’s irrelevant because most of the time WE’RE not even always sure of every reason we chose you, but the important part is: we did. Put your guard down. BOSS UP. Fuck who hurt you, appreciate who got you now. Let yourself see what makes her different. Look past the pretty face. Look past the nice tits. Look past the fact that she’s smart and all that good stuff. Look at something deeper. Look at her like she looks at you. Only until then would you not give up so easily. Would you not look so weak when you walk away at the first sign of trouble. Only then would you understand why we go so hard for you and expect the same thing in return. Only then would you know WHY you can trust us even though you couldn’t trust anyone before. Stop giving up so easily then saying, “I told you so” when you give her reasons to do the same. Because more than likely, you never gave her a fair chance to be who she know she could’ve been for YOU in the first place.

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