Are you looking to donate? Here’s what you should know:

Who you’re helping us donate to:

New York City Rescue Mission – With your help, we are able to supply educational and entertainment resources to men and women in the shelter system of NYC.

The Bookshelf by Life in a Pile – With your help, we are able to add more books to our shelves, plan events for our community, and create scholarships for our younger readers.

Black girls who are protesting – With your help, we are able to buy them supplies such as gas masks, eyewear, masks, hand sanitizer, first aid kits, etc. and pay for bail.

When donating a book

  • We accept entertainment magazines, textbooks, children’s books, nonfiction and fiction books of all genres.
  • Unless it is a magazine or children’s book, the book(s) you’re donating should be at least 50K words/75 pages.
  • We do not accept pornographic content under any circumstances.
  • We’ll accept any level of “used” books as long as the book still has a front cover and all of its pages!

We are not accepting books at the moment.

When donating money

  • We accept all donations, even those starting as low as $0.50
  • We are PayPal ready:

We are not accepting money for The Bookshelf at the moment.

When donating to black girls who are protesting

  • Support black girls who are risking their lives to be heard.
  • Each protester has been verified.

We are currently only accepting donations for black girls who are protesting.

Donate to the BLKGRL Protester Fund below:

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