[Exclusive] Candice Sits Down With Kash Doll To Discuss Her First Project & Her Growth As An Artist

With existing songs and thousands of viewers on Youtube, Arkeisha “Kash Doll” Knight decided that it was time to release her very first project, Keisha VS Kash Doll. From tracks produced by Zaytoven to features with Trina, it’s no surprise that she was able to bring the city out to Billboard studios the night before its release.

The listening session proved that this doll was coming to life with hit tracks such as Better Without You, Love Song, Cheap Sh*t and so many more! We were able to sit down and talk about what motivates her, the biggest difference between Keisha and Kash Doll, and her growth as an artist:

Life in a Pile: What’s the biggest difference between Keisha and Kash Doll?

Kash Doll: The biggest difference is their personality and their attitude. Keisha is very nice and humble. She’s sensitive and sweet. Kash Doll is totally different – she doesn’t give a f*ck.

Life in a Pile: Do you feel as though your flow has changed since songs like Accurate and Run Me My Money?

Kash Doll: My flows didn’t change, but as an artist you grow; you learn different things and techniques. I don’t think my flow has changed, I just continue to get better as an artist.

Life in a Pile: My favorite song is Better Without You. How was the energy working with Yakki?


[Photo by: Myles Young, photographer for Life in a Pile]

Kash Doll: Yakki, that’s my baby! He’s so crazy but he’s fun. We had a good time doing that record. He was actually helping me in there.

Life in a Pile: Rihanna has her navy, Beyoncé has her Beehive, and you have your Baes. How much do they motivate you?

Kash Doll: They’re the most important. They’re more important than anybody. They help me, they give me that push, and they make me feel good about what I’m doing. I love them so much because they’re so supportive. You can get so much support from people you don’t even know before the people you’ve known all of your life and it’s a beautiful thing.

The self-proclaimed Queen of the 313 is using her new project to not only show her fans another side of her but to also prove to us all that she’s here to stay. She will be having a mixtape release party on December 18th in her hometown, Detroit, MI; it will be private and invite only. Keisha VS Kash Doll will be available to the public Friday, December 18th.

This Life in a Pile exclusive took place on December 17, 2015 at Billboard Studios in Atlanta, GA. Keisha VS Kash Doll was postponed and not released until December 26th. The interview was pushed to various publications prior to being posted on the home site, Life in a Pile. With that being said, please disregard the dates listed above. Thanks for reading!

Check out her song with Yakki, “Better Without You” below:

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