[Exclusive] Candice Sits Down With Sy Ari Da Kid To Discuss B4 The Heartbreak

As an addition to his heartbreak series, Sy Ari Da Kid released his new project, B4 The Heartbreak, a day before Valentine’s Day. From tracks produced by Illa Jones and Teauxny to features with Bryson Tiller and Tink, it’s no surprise that the Omen Agency was filled to capacity with fans, artists, and producers who were all there with the same goal: to listen to his highly anticipated album.

The listening party showed his growth as an artist and confirmed his dedication to his craft with hit tracks such as “Priorities,””TLC,” “Closure” and my personal favorite, “Road To Heartbreak.” We were able to sit down and talk about what songs created the most fun in the studio, the things that must be in the studio in order for him to record, what inspired the heartbreak series, and all things Sy Ari. Check out the interview below then click the link at the bottom to hear the full project:

Questions in order:

  1. The name of your highly anticipated album is B4 The Heartbreak. How do you think your fans will respond to the project?
  2. I love your song, “Priorities” ft. Bryson Tiller. How was it working with him? How was the energy?
  3. What song created the most fun in the studio?
  4. I was talking to my friend about your music and she said she loves “conscious” and “lovey dovey” Sy Ari more than the tough street guy. How would you respond to her opinion?
  5. (continued) Do you think your fans respond better to [conscious and lovey dovey] Sy Ari?
  6. What are 3 things you absolutely need with you in the studio?
  7. What inspired the heartbreak series?
  8. You explained how you have to learn how to adapt and change with the times. Do you feel more in your element when you’re doing R&B or when you’re rapping?

Thanks for tuning in! Listen to B4 The Heartbreak here!

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