[Exclusive] Candice Talks With Relationship Expert, Yanni Brown!

As most of my readers know, a lot of Life in a Pile is about love and being in relationships…but the right way! I got the opportunity to talk love and relationships with author, relationship expert, and founder of Making Love Better Twogether, Yanni Brown. See what she has to say about closure, soul mates, and keeping the love alive! Below:


Life in a Pile: Tell us a little bit about who you are and what led you to become a relationship expert.

Yanni Brown: My name is Yanni Brown and for as long as I can remember I’ve been a lover of love. I get goosebumps seeing it and if you asked me what’s love got to do with IT, I’d answer without hesitation ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! What led me to becoming a relationship expert? After a failed marriage and friends close to having failed marriages and relationships I was intrigued with learning why some relationships/marriages work and others didn’t. When I looked back, way back over my life, it’s always been in me to share knowledge about love, life, sex and relationships.

LP:What are three major things found in a healthy relationship? 

YB: Effective Communication, Honoring the Commitment, understanding your mates love language and the Willingness to be what the relationship needs. 

LP: What do you think is the most common denominator in failed relationships?

YB: Unrealistic expectations, Not being a whole self when entering a relationship and finances play a big part in failed relationships. I’m also going to add misunderstanding of roles in a relationship.

LP: What are two ways to keep the love alive?

YB: NEVER STOP DATING and remember to K.I.S.S. (Keep IT Simple and Sexy) We get so caught up in the fundamental parts of the relationship that we forget to have fun, forget to date and forget what it was to get him/her and keep him/her.

LP: Do you believe closure is necessary? Why or why not?

YB: For some closure is necessary and for others it’s not that important. I do believe that we forget to look at our roles and the parts that we play when it comes to the demise of a relationship or marriage. We find that it’s easier to place blame everywhere else and skip over our parts.

LP: Do you believe relationships are still as valuable today as they were years ago? If not, what changed?

YB: ABSOLUTELY! Unfortunately what we don’t see are the REAL BENEFITS that comes with being in a healthy relationship. That’s not featured in the media, we don’t focus on what’s right, only what’s wrong. What’s changed is that most of us live and exist in this microwave society that tells us EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is replaceable and that you don’t need a man or a a woman. My fear is that feeding us this fast food information won’t allow us the benefit of a hearty meal/relationship so we feel like we don’t need it. WE all need each other twogether to survive. LOVE makes everything better we’ve just become conditioned to function in the dysfunction of love. I hope to change that. 

LP: Finally, do you believe that the idea of soul mates hurt more than they help when it comes to relationships?

YB: I BELIEVE in LOVE and if we’re lucky we will get 1 or 2 really good ones that will last a lifetime. Soulmates I believe are kindred spirits that connects us to each other. They can be family, life long friends and lovers. It’s who we connect our souls with.

In a generation where falling in love seems like a bad idea, Yanni Brown reassures us that a healthy relationship is still possible…once you get rid of the mindset that everyone is replaceable! Want more info on Yanni Brown? Visit her site.

Thanks for reading!


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