[Exclusive] Coach Mark Sat Down With Candice To Discuss Entrepreneurship, How He Became A Millionaire, Maintaining Mental Health and More!


Who is Coach Mark? An author, a life coach, a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur, a mentor, an athletic coach, and the list goes on. From selling candy as a kid to opening up the printing company that made him a millionaire, it’s clear that Coach Mark has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. “Now that I’m successful, I wanted to focus on doing what I love to do and that’s talking to people about how to become successful.” Coach Mark hosts seminars every month where he discusses his journey, trials he faced and how he overcame them, keys to running a business, etc. He is also the author of Repeat After Me, an easy-to-read book that points out key things you’ll need in order to reach your goals. After reading his book and attending one of his seminars, I thought it was time to get the real details of how to become successful from my dreams. The type of success that doesn’t change no matter who measures it. Check out our interview below:

If you’re not able to attend his seminars, visit to learn how to call in to his weekly episodes where he introduces billionaires and millionaires who started from the very bottom. To download his book Repeat After Me for free, click here!

“Live in the present. What’s the next right step that you can take today to get you closer to where you want to be?”

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