[Exclusive] Demetria McKinney: “No One Signs Up To Be A Single Mother”

DSC02403Who is Demetria McKinney? Aside from being a Real Housewives of Atlanta star, actress, and singer, she’s also a mother who has faced the hardships of single motherhood. As a product of a single parent household, it was important to me to attend Demetria’s First Annual Mother’s Day Brunch: Because Of You last Sunday. With the help of celebrity guests such as Kelly Price, Egypt Sherrod, Coco Brown, Marica Chisolm and more, she created this event to celebrate and pamper 25 of her fellow single moms. From brunch to spa treatment, Demetria was able to show the mothers how vital it is to put yourself first every once in a while. I got the opportunity to chat with her as she opened up about the struggles of raising a child alone and her plans for her new annual event.

Check out pics and the interview below:


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