[Exclusive] Von Sits Down With Candice To Discuss The Heartbroken EP, His Ultimate Goal As An Artist And More!


Who is Von? The 26-year old Connecticut native is more than “just another rapper.” Heavily influenced by music from the tri-state area, Von is determined to go further than the Atlanta music scene and bring “real” hip-hop back. After graduating from SAE Institute of Technology, The Heartbroken EP was born. Inspired by something we all can relate to, Von was able to paint the picture of the heartbreak he experienced from the loss of his 3 year relationship. However, the sun always comes after the rain. Already finished with his second project, he explains that we’re no longer heartbroken…it’s time to turn up!

I was able to get a Life in a Pile exclusive, check it out below:

Follow Von on IG: @vonwho

Listen to the EP here!


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