[Exclusive] Zip K Sits Down With Candice To Discuss His View On Situationships, How He Stands Out Amongst Trap Rappers, SXSW, and More!


Who is Zip K? If you live in Atlanta or Austin, Texas then you probably aren’t asking that question. From performing around the city in places like the Music Room and the Department Store to performing at festivals like SXSW and A3C, Zip K has created a buzz for himself that won’t be dying down anytime soon. This Georgia State University alum is not your average Atlanta artist. From his conscious lyrics in “Diamonds” where he discusses the worth of every black king and queen that America fails to acknowledge to his perspective on the types of relationship problems we face in this generation (one being not making it to a relationship at all and getting stuck in a “situation”) in “Runaway,” it’s safe to say Zip K can be labelled as the voice of young adults all while being the best dressed.

He released the Rotten Peaches EP on March 11, 2016 following the project he released last September, 404 Error. Visit to hear them if you haven’t yet but in the meantime, watch his latest performance/interview with Just Candice below:

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