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This Fitness App Pays You To Work Out – Review

Pact App

Someone finally did it. Someone figured out how to make even the laziest person get up and work out. There aren’t too many things that can make someone work out everyday, no matter what. You would think the possibility to live longer would be enough motivation but nope. How about the guarantee that they will look and feel better? Nope. How about the fact that it’ll keep the doctor away? “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” doesn’t even motivate some people to eat more fruits so of course that isn’t going to make us always choose the track over Popeye’s $5 box. Do you know what will motivate someone to work out more frequently? Money. Yes, this is America. In America, money is everything. In America, there are people who won’t work out unless they’re getting paid to do so and/or unless they’re paying someone for every time they don’t. That pretty much sums up Pact, the app that pays you to work out and the app you pay every time you don’t.

Pact’s motto is, “Commit to you.” Let’s rewind. I was wrong. Money is the one thing that will make people commit. I’ll give us a little more credit: Americans don’t need money to work out, we need money to commit to working out. Joy Stokes wrote a piece on xoNecole about her Pact experience. She posted her workout log for each day she used the app along with other apps like Fitocracy and Pandora. Apparently, Pact is so good that it will make lazy people cry when they think about how they have to work out and what will happen if they don’t. Talk about holding someone accountable for their commitments! I haven’t used the app and to be quite honest, the only commitment that doesn’t scare me is the one I have with Life in a Pile. Everything else? Please give me a minute to digest the “what ifs.” Maybe I’m not the average American because money can’t make me do a lot of things and that includes committing 100% to working out. Maybe 96% but not 100% and I like to be all in or not in at all. With that being said, I’m just going to stick to my “bursts of motivation” for now where I work out everyday for two months then never again for like another two. Pathetic, I know. However, if you know that this is exactly what you need to keep you on track, download the app and start stacking your coins! Just don’t forget that there is someone getting rich off you the moment you decide to slack off! That’s right, Pact just made laziness expensive.

What fitness apps do you use to keep you motivated?

To read Joy’s full experience, visit xoNecole here!

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