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Gucci Mane On Gucci: The One Review That Really Counts – Review


Gucci Spring 2017 collection recently received the only review that really counts – Rapper Gucci Mane’s. He sat down with Vogue to review the collection and was overall pleased with the designs. Although he considered some pieces to be “to each his own,” he was most impressed with the colorway of each piece. As seen in the collection, sneakers with a suit has become trendy; however, Gucci Mane still believes in going all the way formal – he only wears dress shoes when wearing a suit.  Preferring all of his clothes to be tailored, he was not impressed with one of Gucci’s models wearing baggy slacks with a Gucci sweater because you “can’t see how your body is shaped when your clothes all loose.” Overall, he considered Gucci’s spring collection to be “super-duper hard, out of this world – that shit bangin’.” His favorite items were the bejeweled sunglasses because they’d fit his face better and the white coat because “that thang is nasty.” Gucci Mane has never been to a fashion show, but we can definitely expect him to be in the front row next season.

To view the full video on Vogue, click here!

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