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What’s New: This Nutrition Company Helps You Choose A Diet Plan Based On Your DNA


Everything ain’t for everybody and Habit just reminded us in the middle of a time where people consider things to be “wrong” if it’s not done the way they did it. Habit is a nutrition company that offers its customers individualized diets based on their DNA. In other words, we just got to the root of why so many diets fail and you can no longer tell people that they would have lost weight had they just followed the meal plan you use. We often approach weight loss as a one-size-fits-all without realizing that the same foods can affect people in different ways. However, Habit has taken a different approach and believes your blood sample will tell them exactly what kind of diet you should be on after your genetic variations tell them how your body breaks down food. Along with your blood sample, you’ll also be asked for your height, weight, and waist size. Lastly, you’ll have to provide your lifestyle habits to give them an idea of how often you walk, run, and/or exercise. Habit will then deliver your meals to you but none of us will be able to get this service until January 2017. Perfect for your New Year Resolution, right? You might be able to stick to it this time because someone is finally going against the obvious myth that weight loss is all about calories.

For more details, visit Popular Science here!

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