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Why Lazy Sundays Are Causing You To Hate Mondays

There’s just something about Sundays that bring out the inner couch potato in all of us. We spend them watching re-runs of our favorite shows, eating ice cream, Netlix-ing, or all of the above. After a lazy Sunday, we wake up the next day and profess how much we hate Mondays – then we do it all over again the following week. I think hating Mondays is the result of a few things but lets focus on one: you didn’t prepare for it. Battles are a lot easier to conquer when you’ve prepared for them. In this case,

Here are a few ways you can spend your Sundays instead of spending them in your favorite PJs and cheating on your diet:



Meditation is important because it gives you a clear mind and a peaceful heart. Whether you’re listening to a relaxation CD or talking to God, it’s important that you take some time out to make sure you don’t go into a new week with old problems and old worries. Use the amount of time it takes you to meditate to deeply focus on how you want your week to go.

Eat healthy foods

Eating healthy foods will give you energy to be productive. Unlike unhealthy foods, foods that are good for you won’t make you feel tired and/or weighed down throughout the day. Eating healthy will give you the energy to do everything that must be done before Monday. If you’re really serious about changing how your Mondays go, try going for a run as well. Like meditation, it’ll give you a clear mind and the ability to focus on the new week.

Plan your week.

Planning your week gives you a better chance at making sure your week ends the way you want it to. Write down everything you want to accomplish each day. When you check it off at the end of each day, you’ll feel that much more motivated to be productive throughout the week.

Complete one thing way before it’s due.

 Completing something way ahead of time gives you more free time in the long run. Life can be unpredictable; you may plan to have it done soon but life could throw you curve balls that will cause you to keep pushing it back. Use your Sunday to complete something that won’t be due until at least two weeks. When two weeks roll around, you will either have nothing important to do or you will have more time to do what’s important. Win/win.

Meet with someone in your field. 

The best way to stay inspired is to be around those who are [successful] in your field. If you’re a stylist, call up a fellow stylist and have lunch to bounce ideas off each other or get input on something you’re working on. If you’re a blogger, call up a fellow blogger and have lunch and do the same. Surround yourself with people who are working towards the same goals as you! 

These 5 things should ensure that you have a better Monday. Don’t get rid of lazy Sundays completely, just learn when and when not to have them. Use your Sundays and Sunday nights to prepare for battle, aka those Mondays you hate!

Thanks for reading!

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