6 Things That Will Suck The Sex Out Of Your Relationship

Some people believe sex isn’t a vital part of a relationship, but I’m sure they’re the same folks who think love is enough. I mean, sex IS the act of combining two souls and that could easily make or break the love between two people. A couple with an unhealthy sex life is bound to have a tougher relationship overall than the couple whose sex life is fulfilling. Now, lets not use this post to justify a relationship that ONLY offers good sex. But if sex alone is powerful enough to keep two people together, what makes you think the absence of it isn’t powerful enough to tear two people apart? Remember when I said love isn’t enough?

Here’s 6 things that will suck the sex out of your relationship no matter how much love is in the air:

Not fulfilling your partner’s sexual needs

No one has bad sex and wants more of it. Not one single soul. Most people would rather cut it out altogether if they’re not getting their needs met. When reminiscing about all of the good sex you used to have is better than having sex with your partner, your relationship is about to become a sexless one.

Constant arguments with your partner

The older we get, the less exciting arguing becomes. The hot, passionate, fiery sex that used to follow is now replaced with thoughts of “I feel unheard, unloved, unappreciated, etc.” Nothing sucks the sex out of a relationship like constantly beefing with your partner. If we’re having the same arguments then we’re probably losing respect, adoration, love, etc. for one another. In turn, we become turned off by each other.

Overdoing it with the pornos

Are you always watching porn? Am I always watching porn? Are we always watching porn together? All 3 bring the same results: unrealistic expectations and the inability to be completely satisfied. Unless you are a pornstar, you’re not a pornstar and neither is your spouse. You’re only going to burn both you and your partner out by trying to make each session look like the videos trending on Pornhub. All sex is amazing when both parties are getting what they need and what they asked for. Like anything, porn can be good in moderation but too much of it is bound to drain your relationship of every ounce of sex it has.

Not building an emotional connection together

Here’s the thing about intimacy: it’s the most important thing about sex even when sex isn’t involved. Intimacy is emotional foreplay. It builds the trust, bond, and vulnerability that it takes for couples to build a fulfilling sex life. Being with someone whom you don’t have an emotional connection with is actually lonelier than being single. Who the hell wants to have sex with someone who makes them feel lonely?

Making your partner feel insecure about the relationship

Nothing makes a p*ssy say, “I don’t want you” like feeling unsure in a relationship. From family and friends to exes and strangers, your partner should feel confident in the reassurance you offer through your words and actions. Honestly, absolutely nothing makes a woman nastier than when she knows without a doubt that the d*ck belongs to her. But constantly having to worry if your partner actually cares for you? Tuh, that’s the road to a sexless relationship.

Letting the spark die in your relationship

Relationships are hard work. Everyday you have to think of ways to keep the fire lit. Some survive but most don’t. After a while, it turns into two people who are just going through the motions. The relationship becomes stale and stagnant, stripping it of any sexy that was needed to have great sex. You never give your woman an opportunity to be sexy for you then wonder why she’s gotten so comfortable with wearing sweats and a bonnet to bed. You stopped caring about how you look then wonder why your man has his eyes elsewhere. The best way to put the sex back into the relationship is to go back to the sexy. Go back to making your partner feel adored and see if it doesn’t lead to a better sex life. Go on, try it.

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