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How To Get Your Sh*t Together By This Weekend

Having your sh*t together is overrated, if we’re being honest. Because is it ever really all the way together? Rarely! There’s always something in your life that could be better. There’s always an area that you could level up in. I spent the last two years trying to make my life look like the picture in my head. After accepting that life is gon’ life no matter how much I try to control it, I became okay with the grey area. I changed my perspective from “getting my sh*t together” to getting ME together when my sh*t started to fall apart. The funny part is that taking care of you is key to everything falling into place. It doesn’t take months, weeks, or even days.

Here’s how to get your sh*t together by this weekend:

Write down your life philosophy.

It’s time you decide what you stand for. It’s time you decide what you’re willing to die for. Your values, your morals, and your personal rules make up your life philosophy. The quickest way to get your sh*t together is to get clear on what drives you; everything you do will come from that. Your personal philosophy is something that you believe in under all circumstances. It’s something that’s set in stone and unconditional. It’s a belief that you’ll never compromise for anything or anyone. My life philosophy is: there’s no reason to lie to anyone because no one is better than you.

Start your 24-hour fast tonight.

There’s no clarity like post-fast clarity. Although I fast from food, you can fast from anything that means something to you. As long as it means enough to feel like a sacrifice, abstaining from it will bring you the clarity you need to get your sh*t together. Fasting is the most guaranteed way to tune out the noise and tune into your inner self. Use the extra mental space to manifest your desires, strategize your plans, and find a way to work smarter. After 24 hours, you’ll be somewhere executing your ideas without fear of judgement, a need for validation, or doubt.

Make a real to-do list today.

Like dude, do you even know how much you have to do this week? Write a real to-do list. One that is comfortable for you and always somewhere that you can get to at the drop of a pen. Make a to-do list of very short-term, realistic goals. It should include daily, attainable tasks only. How do you expect to get your sh*t together when you don’t even know what your sh*t is?

Meditate tomorrow at 5am.

Tomorrow, start your day by centering yourself. The stillness of 5am makes it easy to relax, breathe, and slow your thoughts down. Prayer is usually talking to the Creator but meditation is how you listen to Him. You don’t have to cross your legs or put your hands on your knees. Meditation doesn’t have to look a certain way. It’s simply a way to seek the answers to the questions that you’ve been asking. I also like to add in a 10-minute full-body stretch to Erykah Badu’s Out My Mind, Just In Time.

Let’s sum this up:

Getting your sh*t together starts with you. The key to getting your life in order is making sure you’re in a healthy state mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s working on your self-discipline and decision-making skills. Sure, after all of these tips, you may still be in debt or failing a class or holding onto a toxic relationship. But at least you’ll have the clarity, motivation, and answers you need to start lowering that debt, making better study habits, or creating the exit plan for your relationship. It doesn’t matter how together or how not together your sh*t is. As long as you take care of you, things will go how they’re supposed to.

Thanks for reading!

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