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How To Save Money When You’re Young, Dumb, And Broke – Review


Because if you’re a 20-something, 9.5/10 you’re young, dumb, and broke. Well, maybe not dumb seeing as though we’re the most educated but definitely broke seeing as though we’re the worst paid. But you didn’t need research to prove that, did you? Just look at what most millennials are facing: the cost of living has gone up, working for free and labeling it as an “intern” has become popular, we love looking like we’ve got it made, we don’t know the first thing about finances, most of us are drowning in student loans for a Bachelor’s degree that’s about as promising as a marriage proposal right after you have his baby – it may work in your favor, it may not. Who knows? However, according to Allie Conti’s piece on VICE, there’s hope for our young, broke asses. We just might be able to actually save some money despite credit card debt, student loan debt, wanting to live life to the fullest, and taking trips for Snapchat.

Let’s be clear about something first: we have legitimate reasons why we don’t save. We don’t just look at our finances and go, “you know what? fuck it. Rent can wait. These new LV Laureate Platform Desert Boots got my name all over them.” Ok, maybe some of us do. But can you blame my associates? Shit, no one is hiring millennials full time, they might as well live a little. I don’t judge. It’s not like they’ll be jobless forever…will they? But anyway, back to learning how to save. It’s some shit you just don’t NEED, my fellow millennial. Coffee everyday? Mani and pedi every two weeks like clockwork? New Jordan’s as soon as they come out? L.A trips 5 times a year with a side of Miami every holiday? A significant other living with you rent free? 6 credit cards? The nicest apartment in the heart of the city? A BMW or Mercedes? Yeah, we’re all living like we already accomplished all of our dreams and it’s time to scale back just a tad. I know, I know. You wouldn’t be caught dead in Forever 21 at this age, but hey.

Let’s start with some cool apps. Digit is pretty sweet; you “save money without thinking about it.” Every few days, Digit looks at what’s in your account, figure out what you’ll possibly need in the future, and determines what you can live without. If you’re trying to figure out what the hell is eating up all of your cash though, get Mint. It goes through all of the stuff you buy and puts it in its own category. It’s also good for budgeting, investing, figuring out your credit score, and every other financial thing that’s foreign to you. Blue Apron is for those who are like me – we don’t know how to grocery shop correctly so we just over-spend on a bunch of food that doesn’t even go together plus snacks. Blue Apron is $60 a week and delivers full meals to you. You’re probably spending $60 or more a week on eating out because you don’t cook. Now you can spend that $60/week on 9 full meals (if you live alone). Pretty sweet.

Allie gave us some really cool finance apps that run on auto-pilot; you literally have to do nothing but click a few buttons and let it sort out your finances for you.

To read more of Allie’s financial tips on Vice, click here!

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