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How To Correctly Flaunt Being On A Budget

Life was so easy back when I was a teenager because I had no bills or bad habits. There was a point in time when I was addicted to shopping. I thought happiness was blowing my paychecks on material things. Adulthood proved me wrong when I moved out. The luxury of buying what I want and when I want became just a mere memory. Resourcefulness is key when trying to look like a baller and your pockets are much smaller.

Here are 5 tips for slaying while on a budget:


Reduce. Reuse. Re-wear.

Stop posting pictures in your outfits and get as many wears out of them as you want! I am super weird when it comes to dressing up because I will pick one shirt or pair of pants that I love and wear it multiple times with different statement pieces. Go in your closet and get rid of all the clothes you aren’t going to wear again then start wearing what’s left over. Cute clothes will always be cute no matter how many people saw you in them. Men have it a little easier than the ladies. If you’re a guy on a budget, get a few pairs of jeans (black, dark blue, and light blue), and pair those with different types of shirts (plaids, button downs, and T-shirts).

Shoes Come First

Buying your shoes first will save you so much money because you can build the outfit around them. Ladies should always keep a black and dark brown pair of every type of shoe (flats, boots, sandals, heels) and white heels and sandals for the summer months.  Guys should have at least black and dark brown boots and dress shoes with black, red, white, and blue sneakers.


Statement Pieces Are Your Best Friends

The only thing you should be buying full price (if you must) are staple items. Staples are your statement pieces that make an outfit pop. Good staple pieces are scarves, hats, watches, cardigans, huge necklaces, or bold-colored purses. Good staples for men are belts, hats, ties, watches, jackets, and scarves. Buy statement pieces to match your shoes, and you will have a new outfit every day. Forever 21 and H&M are both unisex stores with tons of cheap clothes and accessories. Don’t go shopping if you don’t have the patience to be picky and find those good deals. Staple pieces can turn a plain outfit interesting, so keep your eyes open for the items that make a statement!

Shop Out Of Season

Summer and the end of Winter are the two best times to shop. The key to flaunting your inexpensive closet is planning ahead. Save your shopping money for end-of-season sales and you’ll have a dope wardrobe waiting for the right weather. The only time I shop at Dillard’s is on New Year’s when everything is half off! I’ve picked up plenty of nice clothes that I had to hold onto until it got a little warmer. During Black Friday weekend, Express always has 50% off the ENTIRE store. I get my shopping in around this time because otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to afford it. Both of these stores have nice clothes for men and women.


Catch The Sales

In addition to shopping big during end-of-season sales, you need to be on the lookout for any steals. Subscribe to every email list of every clothing store you can, and check your inbox before you make any purchases. Shopping online can get you many special sales, but shopping in person can get you more exclusive deals. My boyfriend always heads over to the clearance rack in Foot Locker and Finish Line, but he always leaves with 2 pairs of shoes for the price of one. Also, search google for any coupon codes before you buy anything. That extra 10-20% off makes a difference when you’re on a budget!

Your Budget Loves Off-Brand Items

Who needs Mac when you have Walgreens?! Drugstore makeup brands have really stepped their game up in the past few years. Most drugstore brands are comparable to the stuff people spend hundreds on at Sephora. Watch some drugstore makeup tutorials on Youtube to learn how to get your face on fleek for cheap!

The recession is real! Save yourself some money by catching the sales and shopping out of season. Being on a budget is no excuse for not being able to slay every single day!  

Untitled Shauna Respass is a Life in a Pile contributor who believes in “giving the people what they need and uplifting [them] while chasing dreams.”

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