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4 Ways To Turn Your ‘Netflix And Chill’ Fling Into A Relationship – Review


I have a confession: I’m hooked on Elite Daily! After my last blog review, I had to stop by again. I came across Alicia Vega’s post, 4 Ways To Turn Your ‘Netflix And Chill’ Fling Into A Relationship and immediately knew this would be my second Elite Daily blog review.

We have been conditioned to think once you give a guy your milk, he will not be buying your cow ass. I just want to settle it once and for all: that is a lie! Ironically, this myth is what makes it hard to even go from no strings attached to all the strings attached. Guys think if she’s giving up the milk to him, who else is she letting pull her utters? (Not trying to refer to women as cows, but you get the metaphor). They automatically cancel out the relationship idea. Dear guys, it’s more attractive when you have enough confidence to think that maybe…just maybe she thought you earned being the exception. Either the exception being the one that got to hit with no commitment or the exception being the one she wants to actually commit to.

If you’re falling for your “Netflix and Chill” baé or you’re ready to take your situationship to more official grounds then it’s time to start acting like it! Alicia Vega warns not to tell them how you feel just yet. Usually? I would say, “what are you waiting for? it’s better to tell them now than to waste your time,” but Ms. Vega has a point. You’re making a TRANSITION and it’s important that that transition is handled with care if you want to pull this off. With that being said, don’t scare them off by getting all emotional!

Alicia gives us 4 ways to go from Netflix and Chill to Hulu and Hubby:

  1. Patience.
  2. Be his best friend.
  3. Make small changes.
  4. Reveal your feelings when you’re ready.

I’m going to add – STOP HAVING SEX, but you have to do this so discreetly that he doesn’t even notice y’all haven’t had sex in a month and some change. Make plans, invite him places…basically, do everything out of the house so real feelings can develop once you guys get to know each other outside of the bedroom.

Now, if he’s made it very, very, very clear that he doesn’t want a relationship then don’t even play yourself. In fact, if he made it that damn clear, why are you even having sex with him? But aside from that, it’s time to trade in the Netflix subscription for real movie dates. You know, in public and with him finally spending a little money on you since you’ll be holding a special place in his life now.

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