[Exclusive]: From The Military To The Kitchen, Iman’s No Stranger To Serving

A nomad at heart and a lover of family, Iman Beyah’s upbringing shaped her newest venture: #ImJustHereToMakeYouHungry. Born in Pacoima, California and raised in Decatur, Georgia, Iman’s introduction to foods across the states has become the driving force behind her hashtag and new children’s book, I Love Food.

Here’s Our Conversation:

LIAP: What is #ImJustHereToMakeYouHungry?

Iman: Im Just Here To Make You Hungry was created to share good food with people. Many people get discouraged because they believe good food is not affordable; they usually don’t know about the great small businesses in their area or simply have not been exposed to foods outside of their comfort zones. I created this movement to encourage people to try different meals, start conversations, share memories, create recipes, and more.

LIAP: In your opinion, which states have the best food?

Iman: California, New York, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Nevada, and Maine

LIAP: What’s the easiest yet yummiest dish to make?

Iman: Spaghetti, hands down. 

LIAP: What’s the oldest recipe you know?

Iman: The oldest recipe I know is my aunt’s Sour Cream Pound Cake recipe. It’s been passed down on my grandmother’s side. I could tell what it meant to her when she taught it to me, and I feel blessed to know it. Plus, it’s delicious and so moist!

LIAP: Tell us about your children’s book.

Iman: My children’s book, I Love Food, is my baby and the first book for my children’s book series. It’s a book sharing all the reasons I love food and all the joy it brings. I came up with the idea after I tried to find something like it and realized that there were no children’s food books that actually talk about food. It was important for me to make this book because I was truly one of the pickiest eaters growing up but was eventually able to fall in love with different meals. That’s what I hope for everyone else! I included some recipes that I enjoyed cooking with my family growing up that I still love to use today. The hardest part of writing I Love Food was making sure the illustrations and layout were exactly what I envisioned. My illustrator, Taylor Hill, ended up doing an amazing job. I Love Food will be released September 26, 2019, which is the same day I separated from the military. The publishing date serves as a symbol of a new beginning for me. Pre-orders will be going on the entire month of September!

LIAP: What’s next for Iman?

Iman: Food events, a book tour, community service, more food love, and more traveling. I’m currently working on my next book for the series about trying new foods and will be starting my own publishing company. Also, I am going to push for I Love Food to be picked up by Disney Pixar.

LIAP: Where can we find you?

Iman: My Instagram is @imanashanti and my site is

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