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It’s Just Water – Review

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I stopped by Kaisha’s blog,, and searched for her post It’s Just Water. She let me know that it was her favorite post and after reading it, I can honestly say it has become one of mine as well. Not only was it short and sweet, but the message was right on time. It basically sat me down and told me, “please just breathe. It’s not that serious.” We have to remember that taking that one second to breathe in the midst of chaos can be the difference between us keeping it all together and losing it completely.

A lot of times, stress sneaks up on us. We’re constantly telling ourselves, “ok, I got this. I got this. No biggie” as we try to balance 3 different plates full of things to do. All it takes is for life to add one more thing to one of them and we’ll officially announce that we’re stressed the hell out and just throw all the damn plates at the wall. Before you throw them at the wall tell yourself, “they’re just plates.” Remind yourself that it was never required for you to balance all three at the same damn time in the first place. It was only required that you get it done, how you get it done is completely up to you. In other words, it’s not against the rules to put a plate or two to the side for a moment and return to it later.

Breathe. Close your eyes. R e l a x. 

Accept that

Some days you’ll be able to balance six plates and still breathe regularly and some days you’ll be so human that you can only balance two and still have to remind yourself to exhale. That’s OKAY. Whatever you do, don’t convince yourself that it’s more than just water. 

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