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Joseph Challenge: Dream Again – Review


So I headed over to to do a blog review on her post, Joseph Challenge: Dream Again. One word, 6 letters: a m a z i n g. It moved me, and anything that moves me lands in my friends’ iMessages. A lot of people write about dreams: chasing dreams, staying true to your dreams, not giving up on your dreams, etc. This post is important because it talks about dreaming again. When your dream was killed, when people didn’t support, when no one believed in you, when you failed…you were given permission to dream again. 

Sometimes we get so excited about our dreams that we feel the need to share them with the world. I think in that moment, we forget that the world isn’t this cute, fuzzy place filled with nothing but daises, sunlight, and amazing people. In that one moment when we’re on cloud 9, we believe everyone will support this spectacular ass dream of ours no matter what. WRONG. I always believed that being able to dream big was a blessing. Today, I realize everyone is not blessed with that gift and will hate you because you are. Ranisha mentions that in the bible Joseph’s own brothers hated him when he told his dream to them. You think people who don’t share a drop of your blood won’t do the same?

I have learned to keep my excitement to myself. I would much rather say, “this is what I’ve done” rather than “this is what I’m going to do.” If you’re not helping me achieve it then you will hear about it when it’s achieved. I’ve learned to be my own cheerleader because I know God placed it on my heart for a reason. You don’t need anyone else to cheer you on when God is coaching you. If he took you off the bench, it’s because He’s prepared you for the game. 

Ranisha reminds us to stay away from dream killers. You have to sit back and observe those who don’t clap when you win. They may be in the building to hear your accomplishments, but they aren’t in the building to praise you for them. If you’ve ever given up on your dreams for whatever reason, I’m asking you to dream again. And this time? Make it even bigger than before.

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