Just be a hoe, already.

There are two types of girls: the hoes and the girls that envy the hoes because like…what guy cares about how many degrees you have. right?

So as you should know by now, I’m a Howard girl but Lord knows college guys just aren’t my type. They’re book-smart but more green than a damn dollar bill. a cabbage head. a crayon. like wtf. mad corny. EVERYONE knows that every girl’s type boils down to a lil hood booger who can teach you more than a textbook in one conversation. An intelligent thug, I suppose.

 But what about the girls? Guys always talked about how they wanted a girl “on her shit.” About how she gotta be pretty, smart, and their favorite word: LOYAL. But these days, things are changing. Us “good girls” are put on hold. “Baby, Im not ready right now. I gotta grow up a little more” “You deserve more than me” then they go cuff Labrisha with the titty tat and the fat ass. First thing we yelling, “she’s not even in school.” SO THE FUCK WHAT. she can make him cum three times in two minutes while you trying to “help him get on his feet.”

haha, damn holding your dude down while lifting him up means jokes on us these days, huh? You just gotta do you until people start doing things the old way again. Don’t settle & don’t search. A king, YOUR king will notice.

But I wrote this to say, you’re still a queen baby girl. Don’t go down the “I might as well be a hoe” road because 9/10 you’re not about that life and you’ll be chewed up, spit out and forgotten. When he does grow out of his “wanna become a man” excuse he won’t be checking for you no more. He’ll be checking for the good girl. Not Labrisha with the paw on the titty.




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