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What’s New: Cam’ron’s Killa Pink Reebok Ventilators Are Almost Here


Although we only have two weeks left until November 2016 is gone forever, Cam’ron’s second Reebok collab will still release before December. Remember his first collab with Reebok that came out on 4/20 and referenced his 2004 album, Purple Haze? Well now that he got his purple ventilator supremes out of the way, it was only right for him to give us a pair in his signature color, Killa Pink. Just like the Purple Haze collection, the Fleebok 2s also have their own exclusive detail. While the 4/20 shoe had the infamous picture of Cam’ron (pink fur coat + pink flip-phone) on the insoles, the Fleebok 2s have Dipset embossed on the back along with pink camouflage laces. I think he should have used his infamous picture on the insoles of the Fleebok 2s and embossed Dipset on the back of the Purple Haze’s. However, with the pink Dipset shoebox to match, I’m sure these will sell out within the first few hours of their release as well.



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