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11 Places Every Introvert Should Go In Their Lifetime – Review

Contrary to popular belief, I’m an introvert. “You’re a journalist, how are you an introvert?”  I get your point but sometimes you have to separate the art from the artist. You had to do it with Erykah Badu when she thought a longer skirt would prevent rape. You had to do it with Lil Wayne for his Black Lives Matter comments and you’ve also had to separate Kanye’s art from Kanye – on numerous occasions. As artists,

So yes, I’m an introvert. Always have been and probably always will be. The definition of introvert is a “shy, reticent” person. However, now that we’re older, it’s not that we’re shy; we just simply don’t like being around people very often. Being around people = small talk and acting like we care about the most uninteresting things. We don’t mind eating at a restaurant alone. We don’t mind going to the movies alone. We don’t mind staying home and reading a book and we definitely don’t mind traveling alone. 

If you’re like me, here are 11 places you should travel to in this lifetime

Glastonbury, England

Glastonbury, England is home to one of the world’s first introvert tours – a tour that caters to an introvert’s need to be “selectively social.” 

Tulum, Mexico

With everyone meditating on the “picture-perfect” beaches and almost every hotel offering yoga, peace, quiet and healing are in abundance for the average introvert.

Camino de Santiago, Spain

Although you can start in many different places in Southern Europe, this 500-mile walk only has one ending: Santiago de Compostela. You will earn a Compostela if you walk 100 kilometers. Perfect for a quiet bike ride or a good book.


According to Finland’s travel site, “Finns are not big small talkers, and quiet moments in conversations are not considered awkward.” Remember: Small talk is the bane of any introvert’s existence.

The Oregon Coast

Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor is 12 miles of forested park with a “rocky, rugged coastline dotted by sandy beaches.” It’s a quiet, untouched, beautiful park where introverts can go to spy seals and whales from the shore.

Beach, Oregon, USA

Flamands, St. Barts

Beautiful blue water, shady green trees and fine sand, this place is the perfect place to tune out the “noise” and tune in.


Located between Italy and Croatia, Slovenia is home to Bled Island – the only natural island in this country.


When you’re traveling, safety should be your #1 priority. Iceland has been named the most peaceful country in the world for eight years in a row – crimes rates are crazy low!


Wyoming has the best spa in the U.S – enough said.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Here you’ll find meditation sessions and retreats – in English.

Paris, France

Be a flâneur – someone who enjoys being a quiet spectator in life – in France! You don’t need conversation or direction because you’re just enjoying the “great theatre of the street.”

Have you ever been to a place that catered to introverts? Where?

For more details, visit Suzy Strutner’s piece on Huffington Post here!



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