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Rihanna Marches Into Fall With A Whole New Look – Review

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Rihanna, Rihanna, Rihanna. Always breaking the internet. Always going left when everyone expects you to go right. Always slaying and snatching edges. Always reminding us why you’re every fucking thing and that we better not forget it! My internet recently broke when pictures of her wearing a heart-shaped fur coat hit the timeline. Don’t worry, you too can purchase one at Barney’s if you have an extra $15,500 to play with. If not, do what the rest of us do – live through her or make her your lifestyle goals. Although Rihanna is known for her edgy, rockstar look, she decided to stop wearing her heart on her sleeve – literally – and give us something new for the fall. People don’t usually put “knee-grazing,” “slouchy,” or “wide-leg” in the same sentence as “Rihanna” like Edward Barsamian did in his piece on Vogue, but considering the fact that she just marched into the new season with all three, it’s only right! She topped off her fall look with Louis Vuitton’s Twisted Box, which was designed by architect, Frank Gehry. 

You did it again Rihanna. Just as we were putting you into the “rockstar for life” box, you showed us another side of you.

What do you think about Rihanna’s fall look?

To read Edward’s post on Vogue, click here!

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