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Slow Down: You’re About To Pass Your Purpose


I’ve been doing a lot of blog reviews so I felt it was time for a new post of my own. I’ve been growing. I’ve been growing in my passion. I’ve been growing as a friend. I’ve been growing as a lover. I’ve been growing as a woman. I’ve been growing. It’s an amazing feeling when you feel the positive changes. I think when you see your growth and how far you’ve come from where you were, you get so excited and high on progress that you’ll do anything to keep it going. You dive in opportunities head first. You apply for things without looking at other options. You jump into a relationship because he/she seems the most promising. It’s okay to be excited about your growth, but don’t be so excited that you begin to take your own steps and forget that steps have already been ordered for you before your mom even decided on what we’ll all be calling you.

New post

Slow down and wait on God.

 because God won’t stop you from doing everything that’s not for you. It’s called free will. However, He expects you to be so in tune with Him that you’ll know the difference between your own voice, the devil’s voice, and His voice. When I met my sister-friend my freshman year, she had the most amazing relationship with God I had ever witnessed at our age. She taught me how to differentiate between the three voices. When you make decisions, do they feel right? Are you 100% comfortable? Is it something that will make you better? If your answer is yes to all of these then that is God’s voice giving you the OK. If you’re unsure, but something is still telling you to go for it then that is your own voice telling you to go after what you want. You probably thought if your answers were no to all of these than that would be the devil’s voice but that’s wrong. If everything seems perfect but something is still stopping you then the devil’s voice will convince you that you’re tripping and there’s nothing to worry about. When you know the difference between each voice it will be easier to remain still when the steps in front of you are not steps that God has ordered.


I graduated from Howard U this year and decided I would take a year off; senior year drained me and I wanted a break. Because I’m now unemployed – I applied for school to “have something to do.” I applied to get my master’s in forensic psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. It’s an online, non-licensure, 20 month program. Granted, the plan was always to get a master’s in forensic psychology…but in a year and with a license to practice afterwards. I was excited that I’d have my master’s soon but something didn’t feel right. If something doesn’t feel right, I immediately pray about it. The next day something told me to tell my advisor that I’m no longer interested. I didn’t have a “real” reason, besides the fact my spirit told me I should wait. I was ordered to remain still because I was about to take steps that were never apart of the plan. God’s voice said, “just wait.” My voice asked, “what are you waiting for?”

Society says you should be doing this, going this route, taking this path, at this age, in this state, with these kinds of people, etc. Know yourself enough to know what works for you. Fuck what people think! No seriously, if you got so excited about an opportunity and told the whole world just for it to not work out at the end, commend yourself for not going through with it anyway. Never rush into anything based on the opinions of others. Never settle for anything based on the opinions of others. It’s important that we set standards for ourselves. I set my living standards for myself when I moved into my first apartment in August. My rent is almost $1400 in the SOUTH and I would still rather be unemployed than settle for a job that will not elevate me and open doors for me. Most importantly, I’m not signing up to work less on my passion just to have regular money.

 Everyone does not have to understand your decisions. If they FEEL right then the only voice that matters has given you the big O-K; if it wasn’t aligned with your destiny you would feel pain and discomfort. Don’t believe people when they say you have to start “somewhere” because you don’t. The only thing you have to do is be patient, prepare while doing so, and wait to be placed exactly where you belong.


Patience is not expecting blessings to fall in your lap. Slowing down to wait on God means you still have to work! You work on yourself. You work on creating and going after opportunities. You work on your craft. You work on your relationships with people. You work on the foundation of the rest of your life. If anything, not being where you want to be requires the most work. You don’t get to sit at home and tweet all day unless you’ve figured out a way for it to work in your favor. Invest time into yourself and invest time into your passion. Who knows? Maybe God is not blessing you with a boss because His plan is for you to become one. You just haven’t slowed down enough to start preparing for that blessing.

Thanks for reading!


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    November 16, 2015 at 2:11 am

    “If you’re unsure, but something is still telling you to go for it then that is your own voice telling you to go after what you want.”- This is powerful. Remembering to differentiate between God’s voice and our own all comes with discernment. It’s powerful and if we wait on God for what He can do in our lives versus what WE think we can do the outcome is completely different. Great post!

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