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How To Survive Your First Christmas With Your Boo

OMG, please relax. It’s just a little Chrimuh, you ain’t gonna die! You might throw up, get into it with bae’s parents or even get the wrong size but die? Nope. It’s okay to be a little nervous but keep in mind that you have the grace of it being your first time spending Christmas with boo’s family. You can get away with being shy, saying the wrong thing and wearing white when you were supposed to wear red – IF you follow these 8 rules. Whether you’ve been with bae for 2 months or two years,

Here’s how to survive your first Christmas together

Make sure you and bae are always on the same page.

Lines of communication need to be OPEN! From traditions to last minute changes, you need to be in the loop at all times. Ladies, sometimes your man will forget to relay a message to you. Ask him if there’s anything you should know *before* Christmas day. “Babe, you spoke to your mom today? Everyone is still wearing red right?”

Don’t show up empty-handed.

1. That’s just rude. 2.  Rude is a terrible first impression. Bring a dish so they’re not whispering to the rest of the family that you don’t even feed your boo. That’s not true, right? Whip out your best recipe and get to work. Dark liquor is always a good idea too. Everyone loves dark.

Speak, even if you were in the room first.

Hopefully we all learned that if you walk into a room, you have to speak to everyone in that room. But this is different – you’re in someone else’s house for the very first time. If someone walks into a room that you’re already in, you should speak first. They’re trying to figure out who the hell you are anyway so you might as well introduce yourself.

Make sure bae has your back.

Every family has that one family member who doesn’t like *anyone* new. That person is going to make it hard for you, be mean to you, ignore you, the whole nine. Make sure bae has your back – that includes leaving if necessary. The family is more likely to fall in love with you if they can tell how much your boo loves you.

Exchange gifts before you go or once you return home.

This is you all’s first Christmas together. Your relationship cannot survive the opinions of others right now. Keep that moment for just the two of you.

Be friendly no matter what.

No matter who says what to you, the family is only going to remember how you responded. Be polite even when you don’t want to be. You don’t want to become the gf or bf the family doesn’t like because they think you have a shitty attitude (been there, done that, got the failed relationship to prove it). Save the attitude and vent once you and your boo are alone again. This is not to say be a pushover because that’ll get you talked about too. Simply demand your respect while being respectful.

Help the family out.

Offer to help set the table or put the dishes in the dishwasher. Please don’t just be the girl or guy who’s too cute to lift a finger.

Lastly, be social.

Even if you’re shy, don’t sneak off into a corner and become glued to your phone. Speak to people, laugh at jokes, ask questions. People simply want to get to know you.

Let us know how it goes!

Thanks for reading.

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