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Supporting Other Women – Review

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I recently visited Rae Kelsch’s blog, and read her latest post, Supporting Other Women. Her main goal was to get women to realize that it’s not a competition. Not in your career, not at your computer, not ever. I absolutely loved this post because it was the, “if no one else wants to say it, I will” kind, which makes other people feel comfortable about voicing their opinions as well.

Rae touched on the “unfriendly environment” online. Everyone is chasing their dreams, we get it. However, is it really that hard to look at those around you and support theirs as well? Are you feeling like you already “made it” so you “don’t have time” to support the ones who don’t know the ins and outs like you do? I’ve never wanted to be at the top by myself because it’s lonely up there. I’ve never wanted to be the friend with the G-Wagon if all of my friends had Hondas. Any move I make, I’m trying to figure out how me AND my girls can benefit from it.

Rae also gave us some pointers on how we can help each other; she encourages us to rejoice for other women and share our success stories. I say we should all just remember that everything that GOD has for us is for US and nothing can stop it. You’re blocking what He has for you when you’re wishing you had what was given to her. What may be good for the next woman may be detrimental to your growth. In other words, STOP BEING A HATER because you’re envious of something that was never even in His plans for you. You’re going to get yours love, I promise. You have to trust that GOD has you exactly where you’re supposed to be and be patient until your blessing arrives. How can there really be any competition when we’re all not promised the same things?

Strive to be the best in your lane but cheer for the lane next to you. Root for her. Help her in every way possible. Remember that your blessing is on its way and you’re still being prepared for it. In the meantime, let’s make incredible things happen by doing something as small as sharing her upcoming meet and greet.

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